Additional Resources

Reading Ellen White Well

Ellen White books are a great read with nothing more than a Bible by your side, but the following are a few additional resources we’ve found to be valuable (including some of our own projects).

CB with DA

Experience the Conflict of the Ages series like you never have before. Pastor David Asscherick is in the process of creating videos that explore the concepts and teachings within each chapter of each book, while reinforcing a model he refers to as “devotional reading”. Videos for The Desire of Ages are already complete, and he plans to go through the other books in the series, starting with Patriarchs and Prophets in January of 2022.

Marking Up Your Books

Have you always wanted to have a more intentional approach to marking up your books? In this video, David Asscherick talks about his methodology, and provides some really practical tips to help you get started.

An Introduction to the Journals

We created The Conflict Beautiful Journals in collaboration with David Asscherick, and in this video, David introduces the Journals and talks through how to get the most from this experience.

Study Journals

We created a set of Journals (in collaboration with David Asscherick) to deepen and enrich your experience as you read through the Conflict of the Ages series. They make a perfect companion for The Conflict Beautiful, but can easily be used with any edition of the Conflict of the Ages (including the free EGW Writings App).

The Conflict Audible

The Conflict Audible is a podcast by Types & Symbols about Ellen G. White and the Conflict of the Ages series. It’s produced by Ivan and Olivia Ruiz-Knott with help from Alex Prouty and Kevin Burton.

General Adventist Resources

The following resources have been meaningful to us as we look for ways to deepen our understanding of Adventism, the Bible, and ultimately our relationship with God.

Pan de Vida Travel

Do yourself a favor and book a life-changing trip with Pan de Vida Travel. They lead captivating tours to some of the most significant places in biblical Christian history, and if you use the discount code TS22 when signing up, you can save $500 per person! Simply call (914) 804-5699 or email and mention promo code: TS22


AudioVerse curates Bible-based Adventist audio experiences for anyone in the world to stream and download for free.

Arise Online

The team at Light Bearers has put together an online version of their life-changing ARISE program. This discipleship course provides a sweeping overview of the entire biblical narrative in a way that’s designed to show God’s faithful love as the theme of scripture.