Ellen G. White Editorial Philosophy


Editing the writings of Ellen G. White is not something we entered into lightly. We took great care to preserve the integrity of her original ideas at all levels, while also creating the best reading experience for a modern audience. This results in Ellen White books published by Types & Symbols reading in an almost identical way to the original editions.

Four Main Features

  • The overall editorial intent was to preserve the integrity of the author’s original ideas at all levels, from the chapter level down to the individual words. Therefore, no paraphrasing or editing of Ellen White’s syntax or grammar was allowed during manuscript preparation, so that her original word order and word choice is preserved. The Conflict Beautiful reads in an almost identical way to the original editions and is not a contemporary paraphrase in any sense.
  • The New King James Version (NKJV) is quoted in place of most King James Version (KJV) Bible quotations throughout the book series. The KJV is maintained in some instances, such as, for example, when Ellen White highlights a specific word in KJV as the thematic focus of a sentence or paragraph; when the NKJV wording brings a much different word picture or meaning than Ellen White’s use of KJV; and in rare instances where she cites a margin note in KJV that is crucial to her meaning. Ellen White occasionally quotes from the Revised Version (R.V.), and some of these instances have been maintained in the Conflict Beautiful series, mainly where she uses R.V. to gain a particular word in the Bible quotation that does not appear in KJV.
  • For improvement of the reading experience, strict guidelines were used to decide on select changes to individual words. Most changes had to meet the following criteria: (1) the word is archaic and unfamiliar to contemporary audiences, and (2) the meaning of the word today is different from its meaning in the nineteenth century. Examples of word changes that meet both of these criteria are intercourse (changed to “interaction”); aught (“anything”); ass (“donkey”); demoralized (“corrupted”); idiotic (“mentally impaired”); list (“wish”); promiscuous (“indiscriminate”); and without (“outside”). A limited number of select words that are both inconsequential to Ellen White’s meaning and unfamiliar to contemporary readers were changed to improve the reading experience. Examples include athwart (“across”); builded (“built”); erelong (“before long”); haply (“by chance”); kine (“cows”); and repair (“go to” or “return”). In many cases, the source of a substitute word was the NKJV wording, which is a biblical source of legitimate contemporary substitutes for archaic words.
  • Punctuation changes were also limited. Besides the aforementioned adjustments to quotation marks to accommodate NKJV quotations in some instances, only two punctuation changes are included. In some instances, the copy editor of the original editions included a comma between a compound subject and a verb, and these are removed from Conflict Beautiful books. Also, in some uses of an em-dash in the original editions, the publisher placed a comma before the em-dash, and those commas have been removed. It should be noted that NKJV uses full punctuation (multiple layers of quotations marks) while KJV does not use quotation marks. The type of punctuation known as minimal punctuation (one layer of quotation marks) has been used for Bible quotation in these new editions.

Series Wide Changes

Word Changes

Most KJV and RV Bible quotations are changed to NKJV. In some cases the KJV or RV is retained in order to keep the original meaning of a sentence. Those retentions are not noted in the tables below.In all cases, the spelling of the word Saviour has been changed to Savior. This change is not noted in the tables below.

Punctuation changes

Punctuation changes refer to minor modernizations made in the text drawn from the Ellen G. White app. Note that the punctuation of the Ellen G. White app text differs in some places from that of the original printed volume.

  • In all cases, a comma appearing before an em dash (,—) has been removed. This change is not noted in the lists.
  • Per modern convention, a semicolon (;) that appears in the original within quotation marks but is not part of the quoted statement is moved outside the quotation marks. This change is not noted in the lists.
  • In some cases, a comma that appeared between a subject noun phrase and its verb was deleted. This change is not noted in the lists.
  • In some cases, quotation marks were moved to appear before a different word or different opening word in order to blend in NKJV wording. These changes are noted in the lists.

Format changes

For all instances where NKJV uses indented paragraph format for poetry (and KJV does not), indents have been instituted and quotation marks added. Because they are numerous and obvious, those changes are not listed in the tables below.

Every Edit, Every Book

Our goal is to be as transparent as possible, so we are documenting every editorial change on every page of every book. This section of the website is currently being updated, and we will continue to publish this content as it becomes available.

the conflict beautiful

Patriarchs and Prophets

Ch. Pg. Original Revised
Intro 20.3 the Lord designed the Lord intended
Intro 22.1 spake with other tongues spoke with other tongues
Intro 22.1 of the wonderful scene of the wondrous scene
Intro 24.3 the state of declension the state of deterioration
Intro 25.1 “mystery of iniquity “mystery of lawlessness
Intro 26.2 seen through a glass, darkly seen through a mirror, dimly
Intro 28.1 preserved blameless unto the preserved blameless until the
1 33 Why was Sin Permitted Why Was Sin Permitted
1 33.1 changeth not changes not
1 34.2 The Father wrought The Father worked
1 36.2 About the throne Around the throne
1 36.2 The Son of God had wrought The Son of God had done
1 37.1 they had hitherto they had until this time
1 38.3 they had hitherto they had until this time
1 38.3 had not heretofore been had not previously been
1 39.1 did not see whither did not see to what place
1 40.2 and signally punish and memorably punish
1 43.1 He that ruleth He that rules
1 43.1 that sin has wrought that sin has brought
2 44.2 rejoiced at the wonderful works of God rejoiced at the wondrous works of God
2 48.3 God designs that God intends that
2 49.3 the goodly trees the beautiful trees
2 50.2 flitted about them flitted around them
2 50.3 that playeth among the waters that plays among the waters
3 54.2 it was designed merely to it was intended merely to
3 57.1 The air, which had hitherto The air, which had until then
3 58.1 Why did you suffer him to enter Eden?" Why did You suffer him to enter Eden?”
3 59.3 aught of evil anything of evil
3 59.3 labor heretofore appointed labor formerly appointed
3 61.5 they bade farewell they bid farewell
3 62.1 the goodly trees the beautiful trees
3 62.2 Hither came Adam Here came Adam
4 63.1 sin had wrought sin had brought
4 64.2 He might be able to succor them He might be able to aid them
4 65.2 He bade the angelic host He bid the angelic host
5 71.3 There was no token from heaven There was no sign from heaven
5 72.5 the other ventures the other venture
5 72.5 from the thralldom of sin from the enslavement of sin
5 72.5 Cain and Abel represent two classes Cain and Abel represent two groups of people
5 72.5 One class avails themselves One group avail themselves
5 73.1 The class of worshipers who follow The group of worshipers who follow
5 74.1 had been wont to had been accustomed to
5 78.1 their demoralizing power their corrupting power
6 80.2 between the two classes between the two groups
6 81.2 their peculiar, holy character their distinct, holy character
6 81.2 For some time the two classes For some time the two groups
6 83.2 and hither came the and here came the
6 85.1 In the family and in his intercourse In the family and in his interaction
6 86.1 God made known the wonderful scenes God made known the wondrous scenes
6 86.2 judgment would surely be visited judgment would surely be imposed
6 86.3 The power of God that wrought The power of God that worked
6 86.4 the light that shineth in the face the light that shines in the face
6 87.1 stay the bolts of stop the bolts of
6 88.2 the Lord designed to teach the Lord intended to teach
6 88.3 the judgments to be visited upon transgression the judgments to be imposed upon transgression
7 90.1 tokens of decay signs of decay
7 90.1 tokens of decay signs of decay
7 91.1 the goodly trees the beautiful trees
7 92.2 to stay the tide to restrain the tide
7 95.3 This class were foremost in rejecting This group was foremost in rejecting
7 95.3 judgments were to be visited upon the earth judgments were to be imposed upon the earth
7 96.3 Heretofore rain had Up to this time rain had
7 96.3 had stayed the waters had restrained the waters
7 98.3 the world without the world outside
7 98.3 these signal manifestations these notable manifestations
7 98.3 crowds about the ark crowds around the ark
7 99.1 were roaming about were roaming around
8 105.1 their boat tossed about their boat tossed around
8 105.2 ark moved about ark moved around
8 105.4 and bade the patriarch and bid the patriarch
8 108.2 These wonderful manifestations These wondrous manifestations
8 109.1 and infidels and blasphemers and unbelievers and blasphemers
9 112.3 God designed that God intended that
9 114.1 for the sake of caviling for the sake of quibbling
10 118.5 enterprises were designed enterprises were intended
10 119.2 there is a God who ruleth there is a God who rules
10 120.2 shut out from intercourse with those shut out from interaction with those
10 123.1 would have demoralized the world would have corrupted the world
10 123.4 Infidels construct their theories Unbelievers construct their theories
10 124.3 the children of men have builded the children of men have built
11 126.1 must be peculiar must be distinct
11 126.2 he knew not whither he did not know where
11 127.1 "Ur of the Chaldees" "Ur of the Chaldeans"
11 127.1 the divine Voice bade him the divine Voice bid him
11 127.2 where they first tarried where they first stayed
11 127.2 It was a fair and goodly country It was a fair and bountiful country
11 129.3 It is by close, testing trials It is by difficult, testing trials
11 130.1 they would not scruple they would not hesitate
11 130.2 prohibiting the Egyptians from intercourse prohibiting the Egyptians from interaction
11 130.2 he bade him leave he bid him leave
11 131.1 to Abraham in his after-intercourse to Abraham in his later interaction
12 132.3 households have thus been rent asunder households have thus been rent apart
12 132.3 will possess that charity will possess that love
12 133.2 the vale of Sodom the valley of Sodom
12 134.2 by which the worldlings by which the worldly
12 134.4 vale of Siddim valley of Siddim
12 135.1 He bade him take He bid him take
12 136.1 who had wrought so great who had worked so great
12 136.3 with unquestioning confidence as heretofore with unquestioning confidence as previously
12 137.1 begged for some visible token begged for some visible sign
12 137.3 heretofore called Abram previously called Abram
12 138.1 as a token that they were devoted as a sign that they were devoted
12 138.1 His peculiar treasure His unique treasure
12 138.2 to be visited upon Sodom to be imposed upon Sodom
12 138.3 to honor him by tarrying to honor him by stopping
12 142.4 the veriest cruelty to the youth the worst cruelty to the youth
12 144.1 will love to tarry will love to linger
12 144.2 in all home intercourse in all home interaction
12 144.3 the infidel cannot gainsay the unbeliever cannot gainsay
13 145.3 he bade her he bid her
13 147.2 the closest which man was ever called to endure the most rigorous which man was ever called to endure
13 147.2 directed to repair to the land directed to go to the land
13 151.1 put upon the ass put upon the donkey
13 152.1 He bade his servants He bid his servants
13 152.1 silently wondering whence, so far from folds silently wondering from where, so far from folds
13 152.3 his arm is stayed his arm is restrained
13 153.3 He did not stay to reason He did not stop to reason
13 154.3 redemption is wrought out redemption is worked out
13 155.2 the father's hand was stayed the father's hand was restrained
14 158.1 coming in to tarry for the night coming in to stay for the night
14 158.1 little dreamed the gay, careless multitude little dreamed the merry, careless multitude
14 158.3 offering them entertainment offering them accommodation
14 159.1 gathered about the house gathered around the house
14 159.2 Had they not been visited Had they not been inflicted
14 160.1 Then the angels bade him arise Then the angels urged him to arise
14 160.2 to tarry for one moment from regret to dally for one moment from regret
14 162.2 the gay, pleasure-seeking throngs the merry, pleasure-seeking throngs
14 162.2 vale of Siddim valley of Siddim
14 165.1 vale of Siddim valley of Siddim
14 166.3 They must not tarry They must not linger
14 167.2 vale of Siddim valley of Siddim
14 167.3 and abode in a cave and lived in a cave
14 168.3 he signally failed he notably failed
14 168.3 corrupting influences about him corrupting influences around him
14 168.4 infidels and unbelievers non-Christians and unbelievers
14 169.4 may appear to tarry may appear to delay
15 171.3 not to take Isaac thither not to take Isaac there
15 173.1 asked for entertainment asked for lodging
16 179.4 the patriarch bade the patriarch bid
16 181.3 life is so strait life is so strict
17 187.2 he might tarry at this he might visit this
17 187.3 God has wrought for him God has worked for him
17 187.4 deliverance is wrought deliverance is worked
17 188.2 Jacob tarried beside Jacob waited beside
17 188.2 he was urged to tarry he was urged to stay
17 193.2 he doubted not he did not doubt
17 193.4 had ever treated Jacob had always treated Jacob
18 195.3 granted Jacob a token granted Jacob a sign
18 196.1 the tidings that Esau the news that Esau
18 196.1 Thou “said to me You “said to me
18 202.4 returned unto Him returned to Him
19 204.1 the vale of Shechem the valley of Shechem
19 204.1 an altar unto the Lord an altar to the Lord
19 204.2 The tarry of Jacob The stay of Jacob
19 204.3 the tidings of their revenge the news of their revenge
19 205.3 the wonderful dealings the wondrous dealings
19 208.1 that proceedeth out of that proceeds out of
19 208.1 will watch unto prayer will watch in prayer
19 210.4 no tidings from them no news from them
19 212.1 he rent his garments he tore his garments
20 214.2 were all about him were all around him
20 217.2 Heretofore he had Up to this time he had
21 224.3 sons journeyed thither sons journeyed there
21 226.1 Provender for the beasts Feed for the animals
21 227.3 bade them also take directed them also to take
21 227.4 gracious unto them gracious to them
21 229.5 The brothers rent their garments The brothers tore their garments
21 229.5 Joseph designed Joseph planned
21 230.4 dumb with fear and amazement mute with fear and amazement
21 231.3 with the joyful tidings with the joyful news
21 233.1 Thither came Joseph To that place came Joseph
21 235.2 gathered about gathered around
21 238.1 given the infidel occasion given the unbeliever occasion
21 239.1 would now visit would now impose
21 239.2 they designed to hinder they planned to hinder
21 240.2 and bade them keep and bid them keep
21 240.2 kinsmen about him kinsmen around him
22 242.1 the failure of his design the failure of his plan
22 243.1 among the flags among the reeds
22 243.1 Pharaoh’s daughter thither Pharaoh’s daughter there
22 246.2 seeing an Egyptian smiting seeing an Egyptian striking
22 247.1 Moses designed to lead Moses intended to lead
22 248.2 change to be wrought change to be made
22 251.2 view the wonderful sight view the wondrous sight
22 252.1 who dwelleth in light who dwells in light
22 253.5 mighty miracles wrought mighty miracles worked
22 253.6 his hand into his bosom his hand into his cloak
22 253.6 again into his bosom again into his cloak
22 254.1 strange and wonderful work strange and wondrous work
22 255.2 bear them aright bear them correctly
23 258.2 of a design to revolt of a plan to revolt
23 263.1 the signal manifestation the notable manifestation
23 263.1 should visit judgments should impose judgments
23 264.1 that wrought the miracles that worked the miracles
23 264.1 wonders were designed to wonders were intended to
23 264.1 they wrought not by their they worked not by their
23 264.3 God had wrought through God had worked through
23 264.3 the work that he wrought the work that he did
23 264.4 miracles would be wrought miracles would be worked
23 265.1 was accustomed to repair was accustomed to go
23 265.1 came thither daily came there daily
23 266.4 The plague was stayed The plague was stopped
23 267.1 kine and oxen and sheep cows and oxen and sheep
23 267.1 camels and asses camels and donkeys
23 267.2 He would visit judgments He would impose judgments
23 267.3 had hitherto encouraged had until this time encouraged
23 267.3 Smitten with a loathsome Struck with a loathsome
23 268.3 manifests an infidel manifests an unbelieving
23 270.2 passed without the city passed out of the city
23 270.3 Lord said unto Moses Lord said to Moses
23 271.1 pressed about the king pressed around the king
23 271.6 oppress them as heretofore oppress them as before
23 272.1 gods alike were smitten gods alike were struck
24 273.2 not have been smitten not have been struck
24 274.3 as Moses bade them as Moses bid them
24 277.4 wrought out its principles worked out its principles
24 279.4 smitten by the destroyer struck by the destroyer
25 281.2 This class were ever This group were ever
25 283.2 wonder whither their course wonder where their course
25 283.3 instead of tarrying to instead of staying to
25 283.5 Some cried unto the Lord Some cried to the Lord
25 289.2 the girdle of gladness the belt of gladness
25 289.2 a peculiar treasure a special treasure
25 289.2 God has wrought God has worked
25 290.1 and signally humble the and notably humble the
25 290.1 when Moses bade them when Moses bid them
25 290.2 the cold waves about our the cold waves around our
26 292.2 who had hitherto who had until now
26 292.3 He had wrought for them He had done for them
26 293.2 into strait places into difficult places
26 294.1 He careth for us He cares for us
26 294.2 God has wrought for us God has done for us
26 296.2 designed to impress their intended to impress their
26 297.3 accused him of designing accused him of planning
26 298.1 had wrought wonders had worked wonders
26 298.2 Moses smote the rock Moses struck the rock
26 298.2 Him who abode therein Him who dwelled therein
26 298.4 and smote those who and struck those who
26 298.4 on an eminency near by on an eminence nearby
26 298.4 Hur stayed up his hands Hur held up his hands
26 300.1 wonders wrought by Moses wonders worked by Moses
26 300.1 they smite not that hand they strike not that hand
26 300.2 comfort of their society comfort of the company
26 301.1 had wrought wonders had worked wonders
26 302.1 were to be wrought in them were to be made in them
27 303.1 and peculiar relation and special relation
27 303.4 Lord said unto him Lord said to him
27 303.5 scene of awful grandeur scene of awe-inspiring grandeur
27 304.1 placed about the mount placed around the mount
27 304.1 neither man nor beast neither man nor animal
27 304.2 and awful mystery and awe-inspring mystery
27 304.2 So terrible were the tokens So terrible were the signs
27 305.1 in the awful majesty in the awe-inspiring majesty
27 306.1 by images or similitudes by images or likenesses
27 306.6 its awful significance its awe-inspiring signficance
27 309.6 with a wonderful display with a wondrous display
27 309.7 The awful power of God The awesome power of God
27 313.1 the mountain as a token the mountain as a sign
27 313.2 He remained without He remained outside of it
27 314.2 the peculiar treasure of the special treasure of
28 315.2 the goodly land was the desirable land was
28 315.3 no manner of similitude no manner of image
28 315.3 the Red Sea were designed the Red Sea were intended
28 315.3 the similitude of an ox the likeness of an ox
28 316.1 gathered about his tent gathered around his tent
28 316.1 had heretofore led them had until this time led them
28 317.4 God might have checked God might have stopped
28 319.1 so signally honored so notably honored
28 320.3 had been wrought had been worked
28 320.4 God had wrought in God had worked in
28 320.4 the similitude of an ox the likeness of an ox
28 323.2 God seeth not as man sees God sees not as man sees
28 324.1 to be signally punished to be notably punished
28 324.1 to gird on their swords to put on their swords
28 327.2 the conscience-smitten multitudes the conscience-struck multitudes
28 327.2 was pitched without the was pitched outside the
28 327.2 directed to repair thither directed to go there
28 327.2 watched for some token watched for some sign
28 330.2 God designed to impress God intended to impress
29 334.1 Satan wrought to the utmost Satan worked to the utmost
29 334.1 miracles were wrought miracles were worked
29 335.1 from the awful presence from the awesome presence
30 344.5 the visitations of God's judgments the imposition of God's judgments
30 347.1 and sealskins, so arranged and badger skins, so arranged
30 347.3 fire unto the Lord fire to the Lord
30 347.3 offering unto the Lord offering to the Lord
30 347.3 the people without the people outside
30 348.1 and without, far around and outside, far around
30 348.2 gold about the top gold around the top
30 348.3 was wrought of one was made of one
30 349.4 beheld the token beheld the sign
30 350.1 By this signal honor By this notable honor
30 350.2 confined about the waist confined around the waist
30 350.2 a white linen girdle a white linen sash
30 350.3 confined by a girdle confined by a sash
30 351.2 at the right was a token at the right was a sign
30 353.3 the court without the court outside
31 359.1 upon this wonderful manifestation upon this wondrous manifestation
31 359.1 a token of God's glory a sign of God's glory
31 360.2 God designed to teach God intended to teach
32 363.2 in their intercouse in their interaction
32 363.2 in awful majesty in awe-inspiring majesty
32 364.3 Through long intercourse Through long interaction
32 365.1 God who taketh away God who takes away
32 365.4 grand and awful grand and awe-inspiring
32 366.2 Amid the awful Amid the awe-inspiring
32 368.1 God did not design God did not intend
32 369.4 God designed that His people God intended that His people
32 370.3 Lord appeared unto Abraham Lord appeared to Abraham
32 371.2 He wrought deliverance He worked deliverance
32 371.4 in awful majesty in awe-inspiring majesty
33 375.1 that pertained thereto that pertained to it
33 375.1 were to strike the sacred were to dismantle the sacred
33 376.3 had wrought wonders had worked wonders
33 379.2 prompt and signal punishment prompt and notable punishment
33 380.1 The Lord hearkened to The Lord listened to
33 380.2 which God had wrought which God had worked
33 382.2 among them were smitten among them were struck
33 384.3 Miriam was smitten Miriam was struck
33 384.3 the whole company abode the whole company remained
33 385.1 indulgence has wrought indulgence has brought
33 386.1 describing a class describing a group of people
33 386.1 judgment visited upon judgment imposed upon
34 387.1 Moses bade them go Moses instructed them to go
34 387.3 so goodly a land so fine a land
34 388.2 had hitherto safely had up to that time safely
34 388.3 respecting the goodly land respecting the bountiful land
34 389.2 God hearkened to their God listened to their
34 389.3 token of grief sign of grief
34 391.1 He bade them He instructed them
34 394.1 wonders wrought in their behalf wonders worked in their behalf
34 394.3 God had wrought God had worked
35 395.1 The judgments visited The judgments imposed
35 395.2 bold design bold plan
35 395.3 favored the designs favored the plans
35 397.4 brought into strait places brought into difficult places
35 399.3 submit to be led about submit to be led around
35 399.3 his ambitious designs his ambitious plans
35 400.1 the people gathered without the people gathered outside
35 400.3 bade the people bid the people
35 401.2 have been stayed have been stopped
35 401.2 The signal manifestation The notable manifestation
35 402.4 stayed the arm of vengeance restrained the arm of vengeance
35 402.5 the plague was stayed the plague was stopped
35 403.1 was to be a token was to be a sign
35 403.4 verily doing God service truly doing God service
36 408.2 would have been demoralized would have been corrupted
36 408.2 justice in visiting justice in imposing
36 408.2 The retribution visited The retribution inflicted
36 408.4 a case of peculiar guilt a case of unusual guilt
36 409.3 such signal punishment such notable punishment
37 411 The Smitten Rock The Struck Rock
37 411.3 The smitten rock was The struck rock was
37 411.3 flowed from the smitten rock flowed from the struck rock
37 411.3 had once been smitten had once been struck
37 412.2 works unto eternal life works to eternal life
37 413.4 a token that the wilderness a sign that the wilderness
37 417.2 he smote it twice he struck it twice
37 417.3 and wrought only harm and brought only harm
37 418.1 had been once smitten had been once struck
37 418.1 the second smiting of the second striking of
37 419.2 He bade them mark He bid them mark
37 419.2 severe punishment visited severe punishment imposed
38 424.1 in all their intercourse in all their interaction
38 424.1 all their intercourse they all their interaction they
38 424.1 a goodly inheritance a bountiful inheritance
38 425.4 the plague was stayed the plague was stopped
38 426.3 As the people looked about As the people looked around
38 427.1 hearts gathered about hearts gathered around
38 428.1 harder than God designed harder than God intended
38 430.3 Heretofore many had brought Previously many had brought
38 432.1 who come unto Him who come to Him
39 434.3 the miracle wrought to the miracle worked to
39 434.3 governed their intercourse governed their interaction
39 436.2 the Lord discomfited the enemy the Lord defeated the enemy
39 436.3 the goodly land the fruitful land
39 436.4 the Lord now bade Israel the Lord now bid Israel
39 437.1 had so signally failed had so notably failed
39 437.2 in as signal a manner in as notable a manner
40 438.2 that wrought in their behalf that worked in their behalf
40 438.3 his designs against Israel his plans against Israel
40 439.2 the messengers to tarry the messengers to stay
40 440.2 the messengers to tarry the messengers to wait
40 441.3 and knew not that and did not know that
40 441.3 beating the ass unmercifully beating the donkey unmercifully
40 442.1 he smote the animal he struck the animal
40 443.1 the poor dumb animals the poor mute animals
40 443.4 discern the wonderful power discern the wondrous power
40 447.2 their peculiar character their distinct character
40 451.6 God visited upon His people God inflicted upon His people
40 452.1 met with signal failure met with notable failure
41 453.4 produced its demoralizing effect produced its corrupting effect
41 454.2 there was little intercourse there was little interaction
41 455.2 Thus the plague was stayed Thus the plague was stopped
41 456.1 The judgments visited The judgments imposed
41 457.3 he has wrought to overthrow he has worked to overthrow
41 457.3 Baal peor Baal Peor
41 457.3 entering the goodly land entering the beautiful land
41 459.3 his chains about the soul his chains around the soul
41 461.1 Beth peor Beth Peor
42 463.2 the awful solemnity the awe-inspiring solemnity
42 464.2 enter the goodly land enter the beautiful land
42 465.2 of the goodly land of the beautiful land
42 468.2 had wrought for their had worked for their
43 469.1 retribution was visited retribution was inflicted
43 469.3 into the goodly land into the beautiful land
43 469.3 Joshua repaired to the tabernacle Joshua proceeded to the tabernacle
43 471.4 God had wrought for them God had worked for them
43 472.3 goodly cities and beautiful cities and
43 475.2 He bade farewell to He bid farewell to
43 477.1 entered the goodly land entered the beautiful land
43 478.4 was despoiled of his was deprived of his
43 480.1 have a Captain who have a Commander who
44 483.3 in the acacia groves of Shittim in Acacia Grove
44 484.1 leading the van leading the vanguard
44 484.1 half a mile about half a mile around
44 484.2 the power that stayed the power that stopped
44 484.3 God had wrought for them God had worked for them
44 484.4 He had wrought through Moses He had worked through Moses
44 485.1 When the tidings that God had stayed the waters When the news that God had stopped the waters
44 486.1 had now signally manifested had now notably manifested
45 487.2 Beth peor Beth Peor
45 488.2 They knew not the meaning They did not know the meaning
45 488.2 each day wound about each day wound around
45 488.2 They knew not what They did not know what
45 492.2 judgments visited upon judgments inflicted upon
45 492.2 rites of Baalpeor rites of Baal of Peor
45 495.5 Captain of the Lord’s host Commander of the Lord’s host
45 497.1 For a goodly Babylonish garment For a beautiful Babylonish garment
45 497.1 scorn of the worldlings scorn of the worldly
45 497.1 saith the Lord says the Lord
45 497.3 spiritual declension exist spiritual deterioration exist
46 499.3 vale of Shechem valley of Shechem
46 500.2 offered unto the Lord offered to the Lord
46 500.2 be at once visited be at once inflicted
47 505.1 a strange deputation a strange delegation
47 505.2 God had wrought for His God had worked for His
47 507.1 this class were to enjoy this group were to enjoy
47 507.3 but for the deception were it not for the deception
47 508.1 their armies about the city their armies around the city
47 508.1 utter discomfiture of the assailants utter defeat of the assailants
47 508.1 pass to Beth-horon pass to Beth Horon
48 510.1 The victory at Beth-horon The victory at Beth Horon
48 513.2 entered the goodly entered the beautiful
48 514.3 Heretofore, Gilgal had been Until then, Gilgal had been
48 515.1 the city was Timnath-serah the city was Timnath Serah
48 517.4 get unto the land of get into the land of
48 518.2 strange tidings reached them strange news reached them
48 518.4 and bade them remember and bid them remember
48 518.4 had been visited upon had been inflicted upon
48 518.4 joining themselves to Baalpeor joining themselves to Baal of Peor
48 519.2 carried back the tidings carried back the news
48 520.2 will possess that charity will possess that love
49 521.2 cropping out the same cropping up the same
49 521.2 that had heretofore brought that had previously brought
49 521.2 once more about their aged chief once more around their aged chief
49 522.4 what God had wrought for them what God had worked for them
49 522.4 recounting the wonderful works of God recounting the wondrous works of God
50 528.3 men to become colaborers men to become co-laborers
50 529.1 Moses bade the people Moses bid the people
50 529.2 Saith the Lord Says the Lord
51 532.2 were to be set at liberty were to be set free
51 534.3 would tend to demoralize would tend to corrupt
52 537.2 leave their homes and repair leave their homes and return
52 538.5 had been wont to had been accustomed to
52 541.1 In our intercourse In our interaction
52 541.1 God designed he should God intended he should
53 544.1 as a mighty breastwork to stay the tide of moral evil as a mighty fortification to stop the tide of moral evil
53 545.2 Heretofore the hand of the oppressor Up to that time the hand of the oppressor
53 547.2 had wrought for Israel had worked for Israel
53 547.2 once tarried to share his once stayed to share his
53 547.2 the Angel bade him the Angel bid him
53 547.2 Gideon desired some token Gideon desired some sign
53 548.1 Asher, Zebulum, and Naphtali Asher, Zebulun, and Naphtali
53 553.1 The tidings spread swiftly The news spread swiftly
53 555.5 Hitherto he had been content Until then he had been content
53 555.5 gained a signal victory gained a notable victory
53 556.1 an awful solemnity an awe-inspiring solemnity
53 557.1 but erelong the people but before long the people
53 558.1 Saith the Lord: Says the Lord:
54 560.1 God designed to humble God planned to humble
54 561.3 we do unto the child that shall be born unto us we do to the child that shall be born to us
54 564.1 he smote the Philistines he struck the Philistines
54 564.1 jawbone of an ass jawbone of a donkey
54 565.1 The vale of Sorek The valley of Sorek
54 565.2 the vale of Sorek the valley of Sorek
54 565.2 A deputation consisting of one A delegation consisting of one
54 567.1 Tidings of the terrible overthrow were carried News of the terrible overthrow was carried
55 570.4 entwined about him entwined around him
55 572.3 what shall we do unto him what shall we do to him
55 574.1 as unto the Lord as to the Lord
55 574.2 that wrought with delicate skill that made with delicate skill
57 581.3 which Eli bade him say which Eli bid him say
57 584.1 the most wonderful revelations the most wondrous revelations
57 585.1 had tarried at Shiloh had waited at Shiloh
57 585.2 the tidings of defeat the news of defeat
57 585.3 the man said unto Eli the man said to Eli
57 585.4 the terrible tidings that the terrible news that
57 586.1 which had hitherto attended which had until now attended
57 586.2 Ashdod were smitten with Ashdod were struck with
57 586.3 Yet they knew not Yet they did not know
57 588.1 two kine upon whose two cows upon whose
57 588.1 the way of Beth-shemesh the way of Beth Shemesh
57 588.1 had done unto them had done to them
57 588.2 the kine turned from their the cows turned from their
57 588.2 road to Beth-shemesh road to Beth Shemesh
57 588.3 the men of Beth-shemesh the men of Beth Shemesh
57 589.1 The men of Beth-shemesh quickly spread the tidings that The men of Beth Shemesh quickly spread the news that
57 589.1 offered unto the Lord offered to the Lord
57 589.1 to talk of the wonderful manner to talk of the wondrous manner
57 589.2 people at Beth-shemesh people at Beth Shemesh
57 589.2 Many were smitten with Many were struck with
57 589.3 the Beth-shemites sent the Beth Shemites sent
57 589.3 inhabitants of Kirjath-jearim inhabitants of Kirjath Jearim
57 590.3 gathered at Mizpeh gathered at Mizpah
57 590.4 The tidings of their The news of their
57 591.1 fleeing host to Beth-car fleeing host to Beth Car
57 591.1 This signal victory This notable victory
57 591.1 had been smitten before had been struck before
57 591.2 between Mizpeh and Shen between Mizpah and Shen
58 593.2 other at Kirjath-jearim other at Kirjath Jearim
58 594.2 using it to Glorify God using it to glorify God
58 601.4 have hitherto engrossed them have previously engrossed them
58 602.1 the wonderful works of God the wondrous works of God
59 603.3 and intercourse with other and interaction with other
59 603.3 their own peculiar their own distinct
59 605.1 And the Lord said unto Samuel And the Lord said to Samuel
59 606.2 The goodliest of their young men The finest of their young men
59 607.2 Him who hath called us Him who has called us
59 607.2 His own peculiar treasure His own unique treasure
59 607.2 by uniting with worldlings by uniting with the worldly
59 607.3 the Lord said unto him the Lord said to him
59 609.3 he urged him to tarry he urged him to stay
59 610.1 Then he bade Saul stand Then he bid Saul stand
59 610.2 three kids for sacrifice three young goats for sacrifice
59 610.3 a great change was wrought a great change was made
59 611.1 Samuel convoked the people at Mizpeh Samuel mustered the people at Mizpah
59 612.1 escorted thither by a company escorted there by a company
59 612.2 the city of Jabesh-gilead the city of Jabesh Gilead
59 612.3 They carried the tidings to Gibeah They carried the news to Gibeah
59 613.2 should be convoked at Gilgal should be convened at Gilgal
60 617.1 When the tidings reached Saul When the news reached Saul
60 617.3 Day after day Saul tarried Day after day Saul waited
60 618.1 into close places into difficult places
60 618.3 the Lord would have wrought the Lord would have brought
60 623.2 encouraged the design encouraged the plan
60 623.2 This challenge was the token This challenge was the sign
60 624.1 Philistines fled, discomfited Philistines fled, defeated
60 624.2 avenged on mine enemies avenged on my enemies
60 624.4 had wrought deliverance had brought deliverance
61 627.2 had little intercourse had little interaction
61 632.1 it rent in his hands it tore in his hands
61 633.1 the deliverance of Jabesh-gilead the deliverance of Jabesh Gilead
61 633.1 whom God had wrought whom God had worked
61 634.2 but ye shall but you shall
61 635.4 they do despite to the Spirit they do in contempt of the Spirit
62 637.1 the work He designed the work He planned
62 637.2 the retirement of his humble the seclusion of his humble
62 641.1 to be captain of His people to be commander of His people
63 646.4 but erelong began to but before long began to
63 646.4 his shepherd’s scrip his shepherd’s bag
63 648.2 like a smitten oak like a struck oak
64 652.2 and bade him conceal and bid him conceal
64 653.3 The tidings reached Saul The news reached Saul
64 653.3 The third embassage The third group of envoys
64 654.2 Jonathan said unto him Jonathan said to him
64 655.2 sorrow as he repaired sorrow as he returned
64 655.3 David knew not whither to flee David did not know where to flee
65 660.2 they repaired to the they proceeded to the
65 661.2 Touch not the anointed Do not touch the anointed
65 661.3 his conscience smote him his conscience struck him
65 664.4 his character was churlish and niggardly his character was morose and stingy
65 666.1 laded upon asses loaded upon donkeys
65 666.1 in a covert of a hill in the shelter of a hill
65 667.4 seemed smitten with paralysis seemed struck with paralysis
65 668.2 he repaired to the solitude he returned to the solitude
65 668.2 brought tidings to the son brought news to the son
65 668.3 and cruse of water and a jug of water
65 673.3 to bring tidings to Gath to bring news to Gath
66 675.3 On the morrow Saul must The next day Saul must
66 675.3 gathered dark about him gathered dark around him
66 676.2 the prince of evil wrought the prince of evil worked
66 676.3 Saul went forth by night Saul went out by night
66 681.2 She besought him to She implored him to
66 681.4 he bade his armor-bearer he bid his armor-bearer
66 682.2 The tidings of defeat The news of defeat
66 682.4 But the brave men of Jabesh-gilead But the brave men of Jabesh Gilead
67 683.1 been summoned thence been summoned from there
67 683.2 held intercourse with Satan held conversation with Satan
67 684.1 claimed to have intercourse claimed to have interaction
67 684.2 Israel at Bethpeor Israel at Beth Peor
67 686.1 “after the working of Satan after “the working of Satan
67 687.1 run hither and thither run here and there
67 687.1 watch unto prayer watch in prayer
67 687.1 rest unto their souls rest in their souls
67 687.4 go unto wizards go to wizards
68 691.1 pressing about Achish pressing around Achish
68 691.3 David, said unto him David, said to him
68 692.2 Dumb with horror and amazement Mute with horror and amazement
68 692.4 Wherein had the Lord ever When had the Lord ever
68 694.4 for tidings of the battle for news of the battle
68 694.4 his clothes rent, and earth upon his head his clothes torn, and dust on his head
68 694.4 these tidings would be hailed with joy this news would be hailed with joy
68 695.2 the fearful tidings past the fearful news past
68 695.2 returned to the stranger herald returned to the stranger messenger
69 697.2 originally called Kirjath-arba originally called Kirjath Arba
69 697.4 men of Jabesh-gilead men of Jabesh Gilead
69 698.3 when the cruse of water when the jug of water
70 704.3 remained at Kirjath-jearim remained at Kirjath Jearim
70 704.4 assembled at Kirjath-jearim assembled at Kirjath Jearim
70 705.1 house of Obed-edom house of Obed-Edom
70 705.2 ark from Kirjath-jearim ark from Kirjath Jearim
70 705.3 He designed to impress upon He intended to impress upon
70 706.1 But Obed-edom, though But Obed-Edom, though
70 706.2 the house of Obed-edom the house of Obed-Edom
70 706.3 gathered about the dwelling place gathered around the dwelling place
70 714.1 Tidings were received News was received
70 714.2 the people of Jabesh-gilead the people of Jabesh Gilead
70 714.2 foiled their cruel design foiled their cruel plan
70 715.2 how much dependent upon how much depended upon
71 717.2 Intercourse with surrounding nations Interaction with surrounding nations
71 719.2 Heretofore David’s record Up to this time David’s record
71 720.3 and turn from it betimes and turn from it quickly
71 722.4 infidels have pointed unbelievers have pointed
71 723.2 Heretofore God’s providence Up to that time God’s providence
71 723.2 The Lord could not in any wise The Lord could not in any way
71 723.3 Hitherto his prosperity Up to this time his prosperity
71 724.1 the lesson that God designed the lesson that God intended
72 729.2 And all this favored the designs And all this favored the plans
72 730.2 the tribes to concert measures the tribes to arrange measures
72 730.2 his traitorous designs his traitorous plans
72 730.3 spread the tidings that spread the news that
72 732.3 He knew not what the result He did not know what the result
72 738.2 the skeptic and infidel the skeptic and unbeliever
72 739.1 to cross their designs to cross their plans
72 744.2 bear the tidings to the king bear the news to the king
73 746.3 Intercourse with the heathen Interaction with heathen peoples
73 747.1 as he had heretofore shown as he had previously shown
73 748.2 The land was smitten with pestilence The land was struck with pestilence
73 748.4 The destroying angel had stayed his course The destroying angel had stopped his course
73 749.1 “a very goodly man “a very good-looking” man
73 749.1 had heretofore been loyal had previously been loyal
73 749.2 just without the city just outside the city
73 750.1 stones of divers colors stones of various colors
73 750.1 execute this design execute this plan
73 750.2 more than his wonted fervor more than his usual fervor
21 226.2 some evil design some evil plan
25 284.2 The wonderful pillar The wondrous pillar
34 390.2 murderous design murderous plan
53 553.1 In this signal defeat In this notable defeat
53 554.1 little band about the hosts little band around the hosts
Appx 760.1 a feast unto Jehovah a feast to Jehovah
Appx 761.1 was burned without was burned outside

Prophets and Kings

Ch. Pg. Original Revised
Intro 15.1 and bade him dwell and bid him dwell
Intro 15.1 He said, “and I will bless He said, and “I will bless
Intro 15.2 He designed He planned
Intro 17.1 Israelites unto Himself Israelites to Himself
Intro 18.1 They were hedged about They were hedged around
Intro 19.1 drawn unto Him drawn to Him
Intro 19.1 look unto Him look to Him
Intro 21.3 The goodly vine The plentiful vine
Intro 22.1 by a goodly remnant by a faithful remnant
Intro 22.3 come unto His own come to His own
1 25.1 Land of Promise bade fair Land of Promise seemed fair
1 25.2 the similitude of the character of God the likeness of the character of God
1 30.2 selfish aspirations for selfish aspiration for
2 35.3 noiselessly upreared with "stone noiselessly erected with "stone
2 37.2 offerings to stay the avenging sword offerings to stop the avenging sword
2 39.3 before him. “And all before him, “while
3 53.2 Pharaoh rendered signal service Pharaoh rendered notable service
3 55.1 make Israel a peculiar people make Israel a distinct people
3 55.1 heavenly gifts hitherto employed heavenly gifts up to this time employed
4 63.3 fibers of his being were inwrought fibers of his being were closely combined
4 64.3 To those whom He bade To those whom He bid
4 65.1 Our Lord and Master designs Our Lord and Master plans
4 67.2 impression that God designed impression that God planned
4 68.2 is oftenest spoken of is often spoken of
4 70.5 God had designed God had planned
4 70.5 carrying out of this design carrying out of this plan
4 71.1 passing through his territory or tarrying passing through his territory or staying
4 73.2 through the city or tarried for rest through the city or stopped for rest
5 84.1 enter through the strait gate enter through the narrow gate
5 84.2 evil-doing had wrought evil-doing had brought about
5 84.2 could not easily be stayed could not easily be stopped
6 Title page The Rending of the Kingdom The Dividing of the Kingdom
6 91.1 Thenceforth the twelve tribes From that time forward the twelve tribes
5 94.1 like the nations about them like the nations around them
6 96.2 His beneficent designs His beneficent plans
6 97.1 The rending of the kingdom The dividing of the kingdom
6 97.1 a wonderful history a wondrous history
6 97.1 purify unto Himself a peculiar people purify to Himself a distinct people
6 97.1 a wonderful history a wondrous history
7 102.4 The Lord designed The Lord planned
7 102.4 The rending of the altar The tearing of the altar
7 102.4 that was being wrought in Israel that was being made in Israel
7 108.1 the rending of the kingdom the tearing of the kingdom
7 108.1 numbered among the goodly remnant numbered among the considerable remnant
7 108.1 every opportunity to stay the tide every opportunity to stem the tide
8 110.2 deliverances had been wrought deliverances had been made
8 111.1 God's wonderful power God's wondrous power
8 111.1 God's wonderful power God's wondrous power
8 111.3 King Asa’s faith was signally rewarded King Asa’s faith was notably rewarded
8 114.1 Omri, the founder of Samaria, had “wrought evil Omri, the founder of Samaria, “did evil
8 115.2 Hill and vale resounded Hill and valley resounded
8 116.2 Of “the prophets of Baal” Of the “prophets of Baal”
9 119.2 But the beneficent designs But the beneficent plans
9 123.1 Tidings of Elijah’s News of Elijah’s
9 124.3 flocks wander hither and thither flocks wander here and there
9 127.4 they could stay the fulfillment they could stop the fulfillment
10 129.1 God bade his servant God bid his servant
10 129.1 He bade him He bid him
10 130.3 The widow had hitherto The widow had up to this time
10 142.1 a position of awful responsibility a position of awesome responsibility
11 144.2 God had been signally dishonored God had been notably dishonored
11 147.2 lighted with an awful solemnity lighted with an awe-inspiring solemnity
11 147.3 apostasy closed about them apostasy closed around them
11 148.1 His peculiar people His distinct people
11 148.1 lives dear unto themselves lives dear to themselves
11 149.2 the priests gather about the priests gather around
11 151.2 Choosing “twelve stones He chose “twelve stones
11 151.4 a trench about it a trench around it
11 153.2 in their discomfiture in their defeat
11 153.2 the wonderful revelation the wondrous revelation
12 156.1 any visible token any visible sign
12 156.3 the slightest token the slightest sign
12 158.2 he had been signally honored he had been notably honored
12 158.2 after the signal triumphs after the notable triumphs
12 159.1 the wonderful events the wondrous events
12 160.1 another signal victory another notable victory
12 160.1 would have wrought a would have brought about a
13 Title page “What Doest Thou Here?” “What Are You Doing Here?”
12 160.2 the miracle wrought on Carmel the miracle worked on Carmel
13 167.2 The signal triumph The notable triumph
13 168.1 What doest thou here, Elijah? What are you doing here, Elijah?
13 168.1 the widow of Sarepta the widow of Zarephath
13 168.1 I girded you I endowed you
13 168.3 the angel bade him the angel bid him
13 171.3 purpose to be wrought purpose to be worked
13 171.3 “What doest thou here?” “What are you doing here?”
13 172.2 “What doest thou here?” “What are you doing here?”
13 175.2 faith which wrought faith which worked
13 176.1 accomplishment of His designs accomplishment of His plans
13 176.1 sitteth between the cherubim sits between the cherubim
14 Title page “In the Spirit and Power of Elias “In the Spirit and Power of Elijah
14 181.1 The Lord designed The Lord planned
14 185.1 This is in truth a froward generation This is in truth a perverse generation
14 187.2 Elijah cried; “if Elijah cried. “If
14 188.2 gross darkness deep darkness
14 188.2 shine forth amidst shine forth amid
15 191.1 reformations were wrought reformations were made
15 198.3 Tidings of this invasion News of this invasion
15 200.1 “Our eyes are upon thee.” “Our eyes are upon You.”
16 206.1 went to the king and bade him went to the king and bid him
16 208.3 and their captain and their commander
16 211.1 the wonderful cures the wondrous cures
16 215.2 Tidings of this News of this
16 216.3 evil that had been wrought evil that had been made
17 219.2 wrought with loving done with loving
18 230.2 and thither and to that place
18 231.4 the peculiar privileges the unique privileges
18 232.2 and to stay the progress and to restrain the progress
18 233.1 Of the hitherto polluted Of the previously polluted
18 233.1 God has not wrought God has not worked
18 234.2 sin unto righteousness sin to righteousness
18 234.2 sin unto righteousness sin to righteousness
19 238.1 The father bade The father bid
19 238.2 Elisha bade Gehazi Elisha instructed Gehazi
19 239.2 Elisha bade him Elisha bid him
19 240.3 the poisoned pottage the poisoned stew
19 241.1 while the dearth while the famine
19 242.1 And when Jesus bade And when Jesus bid
20 244.2 healing wrought through Elisha healing brought about through Elisha
20 244.2 remembering the wonderful miracles remembering the wondrous miracles
20 246.1 the captain of the Syrian host the commander of the Syrian host
20 246.3 Tidings of the matter News of the matter
20 246.4 the prophet bade him the prophet bid him
20 246.5 the wonderful manifestation the wondrous manifestation
20 249.1 The rivers mentioned by the Syrian captain The rivers mentioned by the Syrian commander
21 255.1 the ruin he had wrought the ruin he had brought about
21 256.2 the king sent thither “horses the king sent "horses
21 256.3 sought him with the tidings sought him with the news
21 257.1 into strait places into difficult places
21 258.1 being visited upon the children being inflicted upon the children
21 258.2 not tarrying until not waiting until
21 259.2 people had wrought people had worked
21 260.2 ye prisoners of hope you prisoners of hope
21 261.3 The dying prophet bade The dying prophet bid
21 261.3 Elisha bade him shoot Ellisha instructed him to shoot
21 262.1 Thrice the king smote Three times the king struck
21 262.1 then he stayed his hand then he stopped
21 263.3 beheld ever about him beheld ever around him
21 263.3 beheld ever about him beheld ever around him
22 270.1 “cry out against” it the message “cry out against” the message
22 272.5 purpose God designed it should purpose God planned it should
22 273.1 the good wrought the good brought about
22 275.2 the beneficent designs of Jehovah the beneficent plans of Jehovah
22 277.2 proclaim the glad tidings proclaim the glad news
23 286.2 Israel gained no signal victories Israel gained no notable victories
23 286.2 prosperity wrought no change prosperity brought no change
23 287.2 evil that had wrought ruin evil that had brought ruin
25 304.2 he was suddenly smitten he was suddenly struck
25 304.2 “Thus saith the Lord.” “Thus says the Lord.”
25 305.2 fraught with peculiar peril fraught with unusual peril
25 305.3 But the dangers from without But the dangers from outside
25 308.1 The heavenly visitant bade The heavenly visitant bid
25 308.3 Are none of Thy chosen Are none of Your chosen
26 314.2 transformation wrought through transformation made through
26 315.1 walking frowardly in the way walking perversely in the way
26 315.1 the foot even unto the crown the foot even to the crown
26 319.1 His merciful designs His merciful plans
27 322.1 that had hitherto existed That had, up to that time, existed
27 328.1 the heart of the king “was moved, and the heart of his people, as the trees the heart of the king and the heart of his people “were moved as the trees
27 330.3 the ruin wrought the ruin made
28 331.1 the reformation wrought the reformation made
28 333.2 remained a goodly remnant. remained a considerable remnant.
28 333.2 apostasy might be stayed apostasy might be stemmed
28 337.3 God had wrought marvelously God had worked marvelously
28 338.2 the reformation wrought the reformation made
29 340.2 who had hitherto been who had up to this time been
29 340.3 king who had wrought king who had worked
29 342.5 Restored to his wonted strength Restored to his accustomed strength
29 344.3 miracle had been wrought miracle had been worked
29 348.2 powerless to stay powerless to stop
30 350.2 while without the city while outside the city
30 350.2 while without the city while outside the city
30 361.3 Tidings of this News of this
31 370.1 the beneficent designs the beneficent plans
31 371.3 the beneficent design of God the beneficent plan of God
31 371.3 they should henceforth be they should from that time forward be
31 374.1 glad tidings of salvation glad news of salvation
31 375.7 likened by the prophet to ensigns set up likened by the prophet to banners set up
31 378.2 God hath spoken: God has spoken:
32 382.1 They wandered about They wandered around
33 393.3 As He had wrought As He had worked
33 398.1 desired to see wrought desired to see made
33 398.4 “Go,” he bade them, “Go,” he bid them,
33 402.2 During the reformation wrought by Josiah During the reformation brought about by Josiah
34 407.2 Lord bade His chosen Lord bid His chosen
34 412.3 opportunity to hearken opportunity to listen
34 417.2 Tidings of the words News of the words
34 419.2 the ruin wrought by sin the ruin brought by sin
35 424.1 Judah had hearkened not Judah had not listened
35 425.2 they had hearkened not they had listened not
35 427.1 deliverance wrought in their behalf deliverance worked in their behalf
35 427.1 fame that wrought for fame that brought for
35 428.2 His merciful designs His merciful plans
35 431.1 He bade Jeremiah He bid Jeremiah
35 432.2 the Lord bade His servant the Lord bid His servant
35 438.1 a very strait place. a very difficult place.
36 441.1 the merciful designs the merciful plans
36 441.1 yoke of subjection about his neck yoke of subjection around his neck
37 456.2 and bade him faithfully and bid him faithfully
37 461.1 Amid the ruin wrought Amid the ruin brought
38 465.2 reformation was wrought in the days reformation was made in the days
39 482.2 amidst the demoralizing influences amidst the corrupting influences
39 490.1 As they bade farewell As they bid farewell
40 493.2 he had hitherto placed he had until then placed
41 506.1 gaining a signal triumph gaining a notable triumph
41 506.1 the golden image bade fair the golden image bid fair
41 508.1 hotter than its wont hotter than its custom
41 511.1 The tidings of their wonderful deliverance were carried The news of their wondrous deliverance was carried
42 515.1 and his signal success and his notable success
42 517.3 hesitate in dumb amazement hesitate in mute amazement
42 519.1 which heretofore had been which until then had been
43 522.2 rendering obedience thereto rendering obedience to it
43 523.1 In his pride and arrogancy In his pride and arrogance
43 524.3 “Why doest thou thus?” “Why are you doing this?”
43 529.2 had not read aright had not read right
43 535.2 in this rejection have wrought in this rejection have brought about
44 543.1 evil that had been wrought evil that had been done
44 547.1 His wonderful prophecies His wondrous prophecies
45 558.3 Tidings of this decree News of this decree
45 559.2 these were the goodly remnant these were the considerable remnant
45 560.2 Wonderfully had He wrought Wonderfully had He worked
46 Title page “The Prophets of God Helping Them” “The Prophets of God . . . Helping Them”
46 570.1 Thou shalt make no covenant with them,” You shall make no covenant with them,”
46 570.3 influence with worldlings influence with the worldly
46 575.5 He bade them, “Fear not.” He bid them, “Fear not.”
46 579.4 and were of peculiar significance and were of unique significance
47 582.1 greatly discomfited and alarmed greatly perplexed and alarmed
47 584.2 The miter placed upon The turban placed upon
47 585.1 “men wondered at “men of wonder
47 586.2 “The Lord rebuke thee, O Satan. “The Lord rebuke you, Satan!
47 587.2 applies with peculiar applies with distinct
47 588.1 even unto death even to death
47 589.1 “The Lord rebuke thee, O Satan. “The Lord rebuke you, Satan!
47 590.3 God encamped about them God encamped around them
47 591.1 A “fair miter” is set A “clean turban” is set
47 592.1 the remnant “men wondered at,” the remnant “men of wonder,”
48 595.2 steadfast unto the end steadfast to the end
48 596.3 The Shekinah no longer abode The Shekinah no longer remained
48 596.3 those visible tokens those visible signs
49 598.2 He not only wrought He not only worked
49 602.1 God wrought marvelously God worked marvelously
49 605.1 Esther were not peculiar to that age Esther were not unusual to that age
50 609.2 educating those about him educating those around him
50 612.3 sacred rites peculiar to sacred rites distinct to
51 620.3 hands unto the Lord hands to the Lord
51 622.1 Lord’s work wrought Lord’s work brought
51 622.2 he bade Ezra; he instructed Ezra;
51 625.2 learning to cavil at learning to quibble at
51 626.2 Thus the Lord designs Thus the Lord plans
51 626.2 still more signal witness still more notable witness
52 629.2 “If ye turn unto Me “If you turn unto Me
52 629.2 gather them from thence gather them from there
53 636.1 that had hitherto that had up to this time
53 639.2 they builded they built
53 642.3 Hitherto they had not Up to this time they had not
53 644.1 for them to repair thither for them to return to that place
54 649.1 the cruel design the cruel plan
55 653.1 The wall about Jerusalem The wall around Jerusalem
55 657.1 the city was girded the city was fortified
55 658.2 using means hitherto using means up to this time
55 659.1 to God “and set a to God and “set a
55 659.2 this would but retard the work this would but impede the work
55 660.3 help in every strait help in every difficulty
57 669.1 which heretofore had been used which until then had been used
57 671.1 Another result of intercourse with Another result of interaction with
57 673.3 the fearful judgments visited the fearful judgments imposed
57 674.3 Hither some who Here some who
57 675.1 false charity false love
57 677.1 to be wrought in the to be brought about in the
58 681.3 from the ruin wrought from the ruin brought
58 687.1 Jehovah's beneficent designs Jehovah's beneficent plans
58 687.2 his hellish shadow athwart his hellish shadow across
58 696.6 every miracle wrought every miracle worked
58 698.1 events clustering about events clustering around
59 703.2 It was God’s design that It was God’s plan that
59 706.2 to visit with swift destruction to inflict with swift destruction
59 712.3 passions, uncontrolled, wrought passions, uncontrolled, brought about
59 715.1 great city,” which hath “made great city,” which has “made
59 719.3 unthankful, unholy, demoralized unthankful, unholy, corrupt
60 722.2 were given wonderful visions were given wondrous visions
60 725.3 for “when the blast for when “the blast
60 726.4 desolations wrought desolations made
12 158.1 gathering about Mount Carmel gathering around Mount Carmel
12 160.1 a wonderful manifestation a wondrous manifestation
15 191.1 threatening to retard threatening to impede
17 223.2 Through most wonderful workings Through most wondrous workings
23 286.2 judgments were stayed judgments were restrained
46 576.2 those who would hearken those who would listen
48 594.3 hedged about on every side hedged around on every side
59 714.1 penalties were visited upon penalties were imposed upon

Light and life collection