“The entire rebranding experience was fantastic! Types & Symbols expertly guided us through the process, resulting in a brand identity that better reflects our company, its culture, and the clients we serve.”

—Sharon Ullom, Marketing Director, UltraCamp

The Opportunity

UltraCamp makes registration software for camps, giving campers (or the parents of campers) as well as camp staff a major upgrade from paper and spreadsheets. Wanting to improve their visual presentation and better capture the ease of using their platform, they asked Types & Symbols to lead them through a redesign process.

The Team
  • Sharon Ullom

    Director of Marketing

  • Gregg Morrow

    VP of Personnel

  • Derek Wright

    VP of Operations

Brand Mark

UltraCamp was founded by former camp staff who know the frustrations of the typical registration process very well. In creating a new visual identity, they wanted to capture how empowering their software could be. We proposed a range of options, with an eye for showing off their very serious camp cred. The selected direction captures both ease and camp, and with an accompanying set of camp-related illustrations they themselves have been empowered to keep communicating what they do to the growing audience of hyper-specific camps.

Illustration Libraries

UltraCamp caters to many types of camps, so we created four illustration libraries for use when marketing to camps generally, along with camps focused on tech, music, or academics.

Initial Applications

To coincide with the launch of the redesigned UltraCamp brand mark, we created a range of initial applications.

UI Toolkit

To ensure continuity between their new brand and their platform, we provided a basic UI toolkit for use in updating the admin system that camps use. We created icons that match the style established in the logo, and adjusted colors for screen accessibility.