The Desire of Ages, Editorial Changes

Ch. Pg. Original Revised
1 19.2 who dwelleth in the who dwells in the
1 19.2 the light which no man can approach unto the light to which no man can approach
1 20.2 lives unto itself lives for itself
1 21.2 looking unto Jesus looking to Jesus
1 23.3 He abode in the sanctuary He resided in the sanctuary
1 24.2 As He went about doing good As He went around doing good
1 25.3 the ruin wrought through sin the ruin brought through sin
1 25.3 The I AM is the Daysman The I AM is the Arbiter
2 27.1 knew (Him) not did not know (Him)
2 28.1 could be wrought could be worked
3 31.2 the promise tarried the promise waited
3 31.2 the promise tarried the promise waited
3 32.2 throughout the world the tidings throughout the world the news
3 34.2 made unto the fathers made to the fathers
4 43.2 The tidings of his birth The news of his birth
4 44.1 yet they knew not yet they did not know
4 44.1 the nation knew not the nation did not know
4 47.1 but the tidings fill but the news fills
5 51.4 to be wrought to be worked
5 55.4 said unto Mary said to Mary
5 56.4 as tidings of joy as news of joy
6 60.3 they repair to the temple they go to the temple
6 61.2 quickly noised quickly spoken of
6 62.2 He bade his visitors He bid his visitors
6 65.3 penetrated his design penetrated his scheme
6 66.2 the father's designs the father's plans
7 68.3 a peculiar loveliness a notable loveliness
8 75.2 oxen or asses oxen or donkeys
8 75.2 God had wrought God had worked
8 76.2 appeared no token appeared no sign
8 76.2 wonderful deliverance wondrous deliverance
8 78.4 and hither the child Jesus came and here the child Jesus came
8 80.3 How hath this youth knowledge How has this youth knowledge
8 80.4 knew not did not know
8 80.4 He had tarried behind He had stayed behind
8 82.2 His wonderful work His wondrous work
8 82.2 social intercourse social interaction
9 84.1 “Thus saith the Lord,” “This is what the Lord says,”
9 86.3 and shed about Him and shed around Him
9 89.7 to such despiteful to such spiteful
9 90.2 or even of dumb animals or even of animals
10 97.1 and throughout chapter Elisabeth Elizabeth
10 98.3 will be wrought will be worked
10 101.1 family board family table
10 102.1 leather girdle leather belt
10 102.2 sought to gird up his soul sought to prepare his soul
11 109.1 Tidings of the wilderness News of the wilderness
11 109.1 He bade farewell He bid farewell
11 109.1 He bade farewell He bid farewell
11 112.3 recognized the token recognized the sign
12 116.2 the intercourse between the interaction between
12 118.2 show Thy power by relieving Thyself show Your power by relieving Yourself
12 118.2 an angel to stay an angel to restrain
12 120.1 “Thus saith the Lord,” “This is what the Lord says,”
12 123.6 And unto us are given And to us are given
13 125.4 had wrought marvelously had worked marvelously
13 129.2 and to whomsoever I will I give it and I give it to whomever I wish
13 129.4 delivered unto me delivered to me
13 130.2 Hearken to my counsel Listen to my counsel
13 131.1 to rest not not to rest
14 Title page Messias Messiah
14 132.1 God had stayed God had stopped
14 132.1 He who had wrought He who had worked
14 133.3 a deputation of priests a delegation of priests
14 136.2 The deputies from Jerusalem The emissaries from Jerusalem
14 136.3 gazed about them gazed around them
14 139.3 that loveth who loves
14 142.3 preaching good tidings preaching good news
14 142.4 a token that I am a sign that I am
14 143.1 were wrought by the power were worked by the power
15 144.3 The tidings had been carried The news had been carried
15 144.3 But tidings had reached her But news had reached her
15 147.4 Mary had not Mary did not have
15 147.4 the wonderful works of Christ the wondrous works of Christ
15 148.1 in no wise in no way
15 148.2 and Jesus bade the servants and Jesus bid the servants
15 149.5 the wonderful work the wondrous work
15 150.4 He bade them give evidence He bid them give evidence
15 151.3 He often repaired He often retired
15 152.2 to reach all classes to reach all groups of people
15 152.2 hospital board hospital table
16 154.3 a promiscuous throng an indiscriminate throng
16 158.2 Jesus does not smite them Jesus does not strike them
16 161.1 the abode of the divine Presence the dwelling of the divine Presence
16 162.1 and bade them turn back and bid them turn back
16 163.1 The dumb opened The mute opened
16 163.3 wonderful power wondrous power
16 164.4 Christ did not design Christ did not intend
16 166.5 men builded men built
17 168.1 the wonderful manifestation the wondrous manifestation
17 168.3 His wonderful power His wondrous power
17 171.4 receiveth not does not receive
17 172.3 or whither it goes or where it goes
17 174.3 this change wrought this change made
18 178.2 the crowds about him the crowds around him
18 178.2 the region about Jordan the region around Jordan
18 181.5 God had wrought God had worked
19 183.1 beautiful Vale beautiful Valley
19 183.2 social intercourse social interaction
19 184.3 knew Him not did not know Him
19 187.3 More of Thee More of You
19 188.2 whither she would where she would
19 189.3 had hitherto come had previously come
19 192.2 Crowding about Him Crowding around Him
19 192.2 He tarried in Samaria He stayed in Samaria
19 193.1 declared that unto Him declared that to Him
19 194.1 If thou hadst asked of Me, I would have given thee living water. If you had asked of Me, I would have given you living water.
19 194.4 gathered about Him gathered around Him
20 196.1 Now tidings had come Now news had come
20 196.1 wonderful works of Jesus wondrous works of Jesus
20 196.3 The tidings of Christ's return The news of Christ's return
20 199.1 lingered about lingered around
20 200.1 wonderful restoration wondrous restoration
20 200.2 Tidings of the miracle News of the miracle
21 201.2 erected about the place erected around the place
21 205.1 have wrought have worked
21 206.2 and bade the man carry and bid the man carry
21 206.2 had been wrought upon him had been worked upon him
21 206.4 to stay from watering to keep from watering
21 207.1 stay His hand restrain His hand
21 209.1 They had not builded They had not built
21 209.1 are to be builded are to be built
21 211.5 In the awful mystery In the awe-inspiring mystery
21 213.4 They had signally failed They had notably failed
22 214.2 they brought him tidings they brought him news
22 215.2 God that answereth God that answers
22 215.3 dear unto himself dear to himself
22 215.3 disciples about Him disciples around Him
22 216.1 returning unto the Lord returning to the Lord
22 216.7 gathered close about Him gathered close around Him
22 217.1 and bade them go and tell and bid them go and tell
22 218.4 gathered about Christ gathered around Christ
22 221.4 Salome knew not Salome did not know
22 224.2 the rack, or the fagot the rack, or the stake
24 237.3 the wonderful import of His words the wondrous import of His words
24 240.2 fire round about the servant fire around the servant
24 240.3 encamped about all encamped around all
24 241.1 About them were Around them were
24 241.3 to cavil at the words to quibble at the words
25 244.1 and bade him pull and bid him pull
25 246.2 the condescension of Christ the humility of Christ
25 250.3 God wrought through them God worked through them
26 252.3 or tarried for rest or stayed for rest
26 256.2 The people were dumb The people were mute
26 259.2 Tidings of the work of Christ News of the work of Christ
26 260.1 hitherto up to this time
27 262.3 Yet the man knew not Yet the man did not know
27 263.1 gathered about Him gathered around Him
27 263.4 peculiar to leprosy unique to leprosy
27 264.3 were noised abroad were spoken of abroad
27 264.3 crowd about Him crowd around Him
27 264.3 lepers about Him lepers around Him
27 264.4 he went about proclaiming he went around proclaiming
27 265.1 all who came unto Him all who came to Him
27 267.1 caviling Pharisees quibbling Pharisees
27 267.4 in and about the house in and around the house
27 267.5 the promiscuous multitude the indiscriminate multitude
27 267.5 sat close about Him sat close around Him
27 268.1 looked about him looked around him
27 269.5 Christ bade Christ bid
27 270.4 The Pharisees were dumb The Pharisees were mute
28 272.1 publicans tax collectors
28 273.1 publican tax collector
28 273.3 When Jesus bade Peter When Jesus bid Peter
28 273.5 His colaborer His co-laborer
28 273.6 publican tax collector
28 273.7 publicans tax collectors
28 273.7 publicans tax collectors
28 274.2 publicans tax collectors
28 274.3 publicans tax collectors
28 274.3 publican tax collector
28 275.3 publicans tax collectors
28 275.3 class group of people
28 275.4 publicans tax collectors
28 276.1 a glutton and a winebibber a glutton and a drunkard
28 276.2 publicans tax collectors
28 276.2 publicans tax collectors
28 276.2 setting at nought setting at nothing
28 277.1 unto the world. Joy unto the poor ... Joy unto the rich ... Joy unto the ignorant ... wise unto salvation. Joy unto the learned ... open unto them ... opened unto the men to the world. Joy to the poor ... Joy to the rich ... Joy to the ignorant ... wise to salvation. Joy to the learned ... open to them ... opened to the men
28 278.2 publicans tax collectors
28 279.1 publican tax collector
28 280.4 looks unto the Author looks to the Author
29 282.3 When the Lord bade Israel When the Lord bid Israel
29 283.1 On the way thither On the way there
29 286.2 Jesus bade the afflicated man Jesus bid the afflicted man
29 286.4 a dumb animal an animal
29 287.3 the caviling Jews the quibbling Jews
30 291.2 vale Valley
31 298.1 come unto Him come to Him
31 299.2 pressed about their Master pressed around their Master
31 299.2 pressed about their Master pressed around their Master
31 300.4 The worldling may pronounce The worldly may pronounce
31 301.1 Elijah knew not Elijah did not know
31 301.3 it is the token of their it is the sign of their
31 302.1 looking unto Jesus looking to Jesus
31 302.1 conformed unto His image conformed to His image
31 306.2 colaborers with Him co-laborers with Him
31 307.1 from without from the outside
31 307.2 be wrested to serve be twisted to serve
31 310.3 Jesus bade them Jesus bid them
31 311.4 made like unto His brethren made like unto His brethren
31 313.2 after His similitude after His likeness
32 317.4 an earnest of the work an earnest, a deposit, of the work
32 318.1 thither in that direction
32 318.2 and about it are and around it are
32 318.4 gathered about the bier gathered around the bier
32 320.2 which bade the first man which bid the first man
33 321.3 blind and dumb blind and mute
33 324.1 A change is wrought A change is made
33 324.2 done despite showed contempt
33 325.1 were without were outside
33 326.3 knew Him not did not know Him
34 328.2 come unto Him come to Him
34 328.4 Tenderly He bid Tenderly He bade
35 337.1 Hanging about Hanging around
35 337.3 With authority He bade With authority He bid
35 338.1 they besought Jesus they begged Jesus
35 338.1 and Jesus suffered them and Jesus allowed them
35 338.3 to publish the news to tell the news
35 338.3 this wonderful scene this wondrous scene
35 339.1 beseeching Him begging Him
35 339.1 thronged about Jesus thronged around Jesus
35 339.4 Jesus bade Jesus bid
35 340.2 When they bade Him When they bid Him
35 340.3 flocked about Him flocked around Him
36 342.1 and then repaired and then went
36 342.1 to meet the publicans to meet the tax collectors
36 344.1 pressed hither and thither pressed here and there
36 344.1 and looking about and looking around
36 344.3 the cure was wrought the cure was worked
36 347.1 bring healing unto the soul bring healing to the soul
36 347.1 close about Christ close around Christ
36 348.2 God has wrought God has done
37 349.1 gathered about Him gathered around Him
37 350.1 Jesus bade them Jesus bid them
37 350.1 the twelve about Him the twelve around Him
37 350.2 He bade them sit He bid them sit
37 350.2 the tidings of His mercy the news of His mercy
37 350.3 the Lord had wrought the Lord had done
37 351.2 send the tidings of His love send the news of His love
37 352.1 Jesus bade His disciples Jesus bid His disciples
37 353.1 intercourse with the people interaction with the people
37 354.1 who knew not God who did not know God
37 354.2 even unto death even to death
37 356.4 the dumb creatures the mute creatures
38 359.3 thronged about Christ thronged around Christ
38 360.1 Hitherto they had In times past they had
38 360.4 received tidings of the received news of the
38 360.4 watching to compass His watching to plot His
38 360.4 about His path around His path
38 361.1 with the publicans at with the tax collectors at
39 365.2 disciples besought Him disciples begged Him
39 365.3 two hundred pennyworth two hundred denarii worth
39 365.3 Then He bade the disciples Then He bid the disciples
39 365.4 He bade them sit He bid them sit
39 367.3 due unto His holy name due to His holy name
39 368.1 all the region round about all the surrounding region
39 369.1 brought into strait placesbrought into strait places brought into difficult placesbrought into hard places
40 378.4 their designs their plans
40 378.4 their steps are stayed their steps are stopped
40 378.4 their designs their plans
40 380.2 wonderful works of Christ wondrous works of Christ
40 381.5 Looking unto Jesus Looking to Jesus
40 382.4 steadfastly unto Jesus steadfastly to Jesus
41 383.2 many repaired to Capernaum many went to Capernaum
41 384.3 The Savior bade them The Savior bid them
41 386.2 strength unto eternal life strength to eternal life
41 387.4 all hearts unto Him all hearts to Him
41 388.2 the soul unto everlasting life the soul to everlasting life
41 388.3 angel smote the homes angel struck the homes
41 391.1 divine similitude divine likeness
41 393.1 endures unto everlasting life endures to everlasting life
41 393.6 wonderful works wondrous works
42 395.1 another deputation another delegation
42 397.3 The deputies from Jerusalem The emissaries from Jerusalem
42 397.4 from without from the outside
43 399.2 To this class To this group
43 399.2 His wonderful works His wondrous works
43 400.1 designed to teach planned to teach
43 400.2 He designed that He intended that
43 403.1 different classes different groups
43 403.3 come unto Him and live come to Him and live
44 404.2 a crowd gathered about Him a crowd gathered around Him
44 404.2 continued to throng about the Savior continued to throng around the Savior
44 405.2 A deputation of Pharisees A delegation of Pharisees
44 406.1 Bethhoron Beth Horon
44 406.1 came unto Christ came to Christ
44 406.1 came unto Christ came to Christ
44 407.1 Christ wrought no miracleHe wrought no miracle Christ worked no miracleHe worked no miracle
44 407.1 a miracle is wrought a miracle is worked
44 408.3 and improved every occasion and used every occasion
44 409.2 thought of self-gratulation thought of self-elevation
45 410.1 scenes whither His feet scenes where His feet
45 410.1 that rent His heart that tore His heart
45 410.2 travail for nought travail for nothing
45 411.1 the towns about the towns near
45 415.1 concealed His design concealed His plan
45 415.2 Hitherto He had Until then He had
45 416.3 Jesus bade His followers Jesus bid His followers
45 416.3 Calling about Him, Calling around Him,
46 419.3 ask Christ whither He is ask Christ where He is
46 419.4 gather quickly about Him gather quickly around Him
46 421.2 in close converse with Him in close conversation with Him
46 422.1 they long to tarry they long to stay
46 422.2 knew Him not did not know Him
46 422.2 colaborers with Christ co-laborers with Christ
46 425.3 in awful majesty in awesome majesty
47 426.2 led hither by led there by
47 426.2 who knew whither Jesus who knew where Jesus
47 426.2 they were fain to they were inclined to
47 428.1 the awe-stricken multitude the awestruck multitude
47 428.2 Then He bade the distressed Then He bid the distressed
47 431.2 and humiliation of heart and humility of heart
48 432.1 Jesus did not repair Jesus did not go
48 433.2 There were some classes There were some groups of people
48 435.2 gathered His disciples about Him gathered His disciples around Him
48 436.3 give unto him give to him
48 439.3 Looking unto Jesus Looking to Jesus
48 440.1 minister unto them minister to them
48 440.1 to stay up the hands to hold up the hands
49 447.1 It was God’s design that these It was God’s plan that these
49 447.2 It was God's design It was God's intention
49 450.1 His mingling with publicans His mingling with tax collectors
49 450.1 the people about Him the people around Him
49 450.2 the wonderful works reported the wondrous works reported
49 453.4 up unto everlasting life up to everlasting life
49 454.1 the smiting of the rock the striking of the rock
49 454.1 apart to be smitten apart to be struck
49 454.1 In smiting Christ In striking Christ
49 454.1 the smitten rock the struck rock
50 456.3 the wonderful works of Jesus the wondrous works of Jesus
50 457.5 their designs to arrest Him their plans to arrest Him
50 457.5 and thither His murderers could never come. and there His murderers could never come.
50 458.1 His hands unto a disobedient and gainsaying people His hand to a disobedient and contradictory people
50 458.1 Little did these cavilers Little did these faultfinders
50 458.1 His hands unto His hands to
50 458.3 God designs that men God intends that men
50 460.3 the people gathered about Him. the people gathered around Him.
51 463.3 lighted up all about them lighted up all around them
51 464.2 awful grandeur awesome grandeur
51 464.2 about the Lord around the Lord
51 469.3 fresh ground for caviling. fresh ground for quibbling.
51 472.1 They knew not that They did not know that
51 473.1 had frequently wrought had frequently worked
51 474.1 they knew not Him they did not know Him
51 474.2 gathered about them their robes, gathered around them their robes,
52 477.3 in the miracles wrought in the miracles worked
52 480.1 all men unto Himself all men to Himself
52 483.1 look unto Me look to Me
53 485.1 Heretofore He had Until then He had
53 485.4 they would fain have they would gladly have
53 485.4 from going thither from going there
53 486.1 The work to be wrought The work to be done
53 489.1 Jesus bade them Jesus bid them
53 489.3 about the Sea of Galilee around the Sea of Galilee
53 494.3 fishermen and publicans fishermen and tax collectors
54 498.1 to be wrought out in the life. to be worked out in the life.
54 499.3 They were of the class They were of the group
54 503.2 tarrying in the place staying in the place
54 504.1 Christ bade the lawyer Christ bid the lawyer
55 506.4 reveal unto them reveal to them
55 506.4 which He had wrought. which He had worked.
55 507.1 Their eyes were holden Their eyes were unadaptable
56 512.4 bear fruit unto eternal life bear fruit to eternal life
56 515.1 characters after the similitude characters after the image
56 515.5 His intercourse with His interaction with
57 519.3 become a colaborer with Him become a co-laborer with Him
57 519.5 and a coheir with Christ and a co-heir with Christ
57 523.2 entrusted gifts as God designs entrusted gifts as God intends
57 523.3 will demoralize the whole being. will corrupt the whole being.
58 524.1 peculiarly tender associations. unusually tender associations.
58 524.1 wonderful work was wrought wonderful work was done
58 525.2 wise unto salvation wise about salvation
58 526.3 to perform wonderful miracles. to perform wondrous miracles.
58 528.1 their rent hearts their torn hearts
58 528.2 because He tarried; because He delayed;
58 529.1 He tarried. He delayed.
58 529.2 the tidings of His arrival. the news of His arrival.
58 533.2 would erelong be planning would before long be planning
58 534.3 the most wonderful manifestations the most wondrous manifestations
58 536.1 He wrought His miracles. He worked His miracles.
59 537.2 they knew not they did not know
59 538.3 all men wondered all men were filled with wonder
59 538.3 Divided hitherto, Divided until then,
59 541.4 and speech to the dumb, and speech to the mute,
60 547.2 Again Christ called the twelve about Him, Again Christ called the twelve around Him,
60 547.3 left aught for His sake left all for His sake
60 549.3 even unto death even to death
61 552.4 proscribed class proscribed groups of people
61 556.3 about the divine Teacher, around the divine Teacher,
62 557.3 spread the tidings spread the news
62 558.1 their murderous designs, their murderous plans,
62 560.2 Joseph of Arimathaea Joseph of Arimathea
62 560.3 As they stand about the cold, As they stand around the cold,
62 560.4 Mary knew not Mary did not know
62 566.5 five hundred pence exceeds a debt of fifty pence. five hundred denarii exceeds a debt of fifty denarii.
62 566.5 Jesus did not design Jesus did not plan
62 567.2 Mary hath washed Mary has washed
63 569.4 an ass and its colt. a donkey and its colt.
63 569.4 Heretofore Jesus had Until then Jesus had
63 570.2 He had heretofore He had previously
63 570.2 could have wrought this could have made this
63 572.2 But about the Savior But around the Savior
63 572.2 The dumb whose tongues The mute whose tongues
63 575.2 gracefully about the white gracefully around the white
63 577.2 would be visited upon would be imposed upon
64 581.3 the highlands about Jerusalem the highlands around Jerusalem
64 582.2 His wonderful works His wondrous works
64 584.2 until I shall dig about it until I shall dig around it
64 587.5 and know not the ruin and do not know the ruin
65 592.2 upon His breast upon His chest
65 593.1 witnessed His wonderful work, witnessed His wondrous work,
65 593.2 He had wrought mighty works He had made mighty works
65 593.3 Repairing to the temple Returning to the temple
65 595.4 the Pharisees as infidels: the Pharisees as unbelievers:
65 597.3 He designed that they should He intended that they should
65 597.3 Christ designed that the Pharisees Christ intended that the Pharisees
65 597.4 unusual size and peculiar shape unusual size and unique shape
65 600.2 God ordained unto life God ordained for life
65 600.2 found to be unto death found to be for death
66 602.3 they designed to accuse Him they planned to accuse Him
66 603.1 As a class they were bigoted As a group they were bigoted
66 605.1 which can be wrought which can be made
66 605.2 they designed to hold they planned to hold
66 605.5 Thosuands become infidels Thousands become unbelievers
66 605.5 the wonderful exhibition the wondrous exhibition
66 606.1 dead live unto Him dead live through Him
66 608.3 The Pharisees had gathered close about Jesus The Pharisees had gathered close around Jesus
67 611.1 and there saw discomfiture and confusion. and there saw defeat and confusion.
67 611.1 They themselves knew not what They themselves did not know what
67 612.1 Jesus bade His hearers Jesus bid His hearers
67 612.3 about the head and wrists. around the head and wrists.
67 615.1 and bade them mark and bid them mark
67 616.2 make nice distinctions make punctilious distinctions
67 619.2 the prophet Zecharias the prophet Zachariah
67 620.4 Hitherto He had Until then He had
68 621.3 they knew not they did not know
68 623.3 bear fruit unto eternal life. bear fruit to eternal life.
68 623.5 keep it unto life eternal keep it in life eternal
68 625.1 were thrown about Him were thrown around Him
68 625.3 and under peculiar circumstances. and under unusual circumstances.
68 626.2 Many people were round about Christ Many people were around Christ
68 626.5 Alas for those who knew not Alas for those who did not know
69 627.2 are indeed wonderful are indeed wondrous
69 629.1 The persecutors wrought out The persecutors worked out
69 634.3 another class: another group of people:
69 635.1 He smites his fellow servants, He strikes his fellow servants,
69 636.1 Another class are falling Another group are falling
69 636.2 gambling hells. gambling houses.
70 637.1 two classes. two groups of people.
70 637.2 ministering unto Him. ministering to Him.
70 638.2 to those about them. to those around them.
70 638.4 But not to any class But not to any group
70 641.1 will be ministered unto by will be ministered to by
70 641.1 Social intercourse will be profitable. Social interaction will be profitable.
71 642.3 knew not its cause, did not know its cause,
71 643.1 As they gathered about the table, As they gathered around the table,
71 643.2 He loved them unto the end. He loved them to the end.
71 643.3 stayed upon His lips. stopped upon His lips.
71 645.2 Christ’s condescension Christ’s kind condescension
72 652.3 the great deliverance wrought out the great deliverance brought about
72 653.1 Couches were placed about the table, Couches were placed around the table,
72 653.1 upon the breast of the one upon the chest of the one
72 654.1 give birth to such a design? give birth to such a plan?
72 655.1 Wonderful had been Wondrous had been
72 659.1 As the Lord's disciples gather about His table, As the Lord's disciples gather around His table,
72 659.2 remember that your Redeemer liveth remember that your Redeemer lives
72 660.3 The family board The family table
73 662.3 They pressed close about the Savior. They pressed close around the Savior.
73 663.1 the divine similitude. the divine likeness.
73 667.5 Christ bade His disciples pray. Christ bid His disciples pray.
73 669.3 preserved unto eternal glory preserved in eternal glory
73 671.2 what has been wrought out what has been worked out
73 674.3 But the vine entwines about the trellis, But the vine entwines around the trellis,
73 677.1 after the similitude of Christ. after the likeness of Christ.
73 679.1 was closing about His soul. was closing around His soul.
74 685.2 the disciples had marked the disciples had noticed
74 686.4 Hitherto He had been Until now He had been
74 687.1 a peculiar people. a chosen people.
74 689.1 upon the breast of Jesus upon the chest of Jesus
74 690.1 but He had bidden them tarry there, watching unto prayer. but He had bidden them wait there, watching to prayer.
74 693.3 result in the utter discomfiture of Satan, result in the utter defeat of Satan,
74 694.1 The storm had in nowise abated, The storm had in no way abated,
75 698.3 and thwarted their designs. and thwarted their plans.
75 703.1 were noised abroad, were spoken of abroad,
75 708.4 to be rent at the death of friends, to be torn at the death of friends,
75 709.1 But no rent must be madewith a rent robe, But no tear must be madewith a torn robe,
75 709.4 When Caiaphas rent his robe,the temple was rent in twain, When Caiaphas tore his garment,the temple was torn in two,
75 710.2 But a keener anguish rent But a keener anguish tore
75 710.5 and said to those about her and said to those around her
75 713.1 he knew not Jesus, he did not know Jesus,
75 713.2 raised to smite Him in the face. raised to strike Him in the face.
75 713.3 and cared not whither. and cared not where.
75 713.4 Jesus bade him watch Jesus bid him watch
75 714.3 He said unto them, He said to them,
76 720.5 But Judas knew not But Judas did not know
76 721.1 would rally about Him, would rally around Him,
76 721.3 and setting at nought all their plots and power. and setting at nothing all their plots and power.
76 721.4 and knew not what to say. and did not know what to say.
77 723.1 About Him are the guard of soldiers. Around Him are the guard of soldiers.
77 724.1 the wonderful deeds performed the wondrous deeds performed
77 725.5 and their discomfiture at His answer. and their disconcertment at His answer.
77 726.3 the waves that beat about Him. the waves that beat around Him.
77 726.3 broke about Him, broke around Him,
77 728.3 brought to him in a charger. brought to him on a platter.
77 729.3 mighty works wrought by His power. mighty works made by His power.
77 733.1 He had done wonderful things He had done astounding things
77 733.3 "Why, what evil hath he done?" "Why, what evil has he done?"
77 733.4 Why, what evil hath He done? Why, what evil has He done?
77 738.1 About His head a soft light seemed to shine. Around His head a soft light seemed to shine.
77 739.1 Looking upon the smitten Lamb of God, Looking upon the stricken Lamb of God,
77 739.3 And on His vesture And on His robe
77 739.3 Those who mocked and smote Him will be there. Those who mocked and struck Him will be there.
78 741.2 was to suffer without was to suffer outside
78 743.3 They had pressed close about their Master, They had pressed close around their Master,
78 750.3 when He wrought miracles, when He worked miracles,
78 752.2 He said unto her, He said to her,
78 752.2 then unto John, then to John,
78 752.2 the multitude about Him, the multitude around Him,
78 754.3 gathered about the cross. gathered around the cross.
78 754.4 "Jesus cried with a loud voice, "Jesus cried out with a loud voice,
78 754.4 settled about the Savior, settled around the Savior,
78 756.2 upon His breast upon His chest
78 756.3 acceptance heretofore given Him. acceptance previously given Him.
78 756.5 this veil is rent in twain. this veil is torn in two.
78 757.1 "With His own blood" He entereth in "With His own blood" He enters
79 758.4 It was a being of wonderful power It was a being of wondrous power
79 759.5 Thrice the prayer Three times the prayer
79 762.2 after the similitude of the divine character, after the likeness of the divine character,
79 762.2 a goodly fabric of spiritual a fine fabric of spiritual
79 763.3 There will be but two classes. There will be but two groups of people.
80 770.4 Israel knew not the Son of God. Israel did not know the Son of God.
80 772.3 but knew not how to accomplish this. but did not know how to accomplish this.
80 774.1 lingered about the resting place of their Lord, lingered around the resting place of their Lord,
80 774.1 upon the pulseless breast upon the pulseless chest
80 774.2 Hitherto the most holy place Up to this time the most holy place
80 774.2 was rent from top to bottom. was torn from top to bottom.
80 774.2 They knew not that They did not know that
80 774.2 beautifully wrought with gold beautifully worked with gold
80 775.2 the rent veil, the torn veil,
80 776.1 on His breast on His chest
81 779.1 gathered about the place. gathered around the place.
81 781.2 when a voice stayed them. when a voice stopped them.
81 782.4 and set his guard about the tomb, and set his guard around the tomb,
81 786.1 had rent open their graves, had torn open their graves,
81 786.3 and appeared unto many, and appeared to many,
82 788.3 A light was shining about the tomb, A light was shining around the tomb,
82 788.3 As they lingered about the place, As they lingered around the place,
82 788.3 Yet about him the light Yet around him the light
82 788.3 but the angel's words stayed their steps. but the angel's words stopped their steps.
82 789.2 and the napkin, and the face cloth,
82 793.4 the fetters of the tomb, the shackles of the tomb,
83 801.2 the tidings to the disciples the news to the disciples
83 801.3 message of glad tidings message of glad news
84 806.4 of the wonderful manifestations of the wondrous manifestations
84 807.4 believe unto salvation believe in salvation
85 809.1 they bent their steps thither. they bent their steps there.
85 810.1 and recalled the wonderful events and recalled the wondrous events
85 810.4 Jesus bade the disciples Jesus bid the disciples
85 812.3 of his humiliation of his humility
85 812.4 Heretofore Peter had not Before then Peter had not
85 815.4 Again He bade His disciple, Again He bid His disciple,
85 815.5 Heretofore Peter had known Christ Until then Peter had known Christ
85 816.1 Hitherto Peter had been inclined Up to this time Peter had been inclined
86 818.1 The disciples were to be colaborers The disciples were to be co-laborers
86 819.2 thrilled them with peculiar power. thrilled them with unusual power.
86 821.1 Although they would not come unto Me Although they would not come to Me
86 821.1 have done to Me as they listed, have done to Me as they wished,
86 821.1 Him that cometh to Me I will in nowise cast out. Him that comes to Me I will by no means cast out.
86 821.2 Miracles would be wrought, Miracles would be worked,
86 822.1 He bade them. He bid them.
86 823.2 as an indorsement of faith. as an endorsement of faith.
86 824.1 and bade him, and bid him,
86 824.1 The cure could be wrought only The cure could be worked only
87 829.1 After His resurrection He tarried After His resurrection He stayed
87 829.2 Thence Jesus, From that place Jesus,
87 830.1 The disciples knew not that The disciples did not know that
87 832.3 they told the wonderful story they told the wondrous story
11 110.1 he gathered about him he gathered around him
39 366.1 about the Sea around the Sea
41 384.2 many gathered about Jesus many gathered around Jesus
44 408.4 This class do not attack This group do not attack
63 569 (Title page) "Your King is Coming" "Your King Is Coming"
65 592.2 before the wonderful scene. before the wondrous scene.
74 695.1 Judas gathered about Christ. Judas gathered around Christ.
75 705.1 they knew not. they did not know.
75 712.1 Peter had not designed Peter had not planned
87 830.3 and the disciples gathered about Him. and the disciples gathered around Him.
87 830.3 the awe-stricken disciples looked the awestricken disciples looked