Steps to Christ, editorial changes

Ch. Pg. Original Revised
1 9.3 that sin has wrought that sin has brought
1 11.2 He went about doing good He went around doing good
1 12.1 They had rejected Him, the Saviour They had rejected Him, the Savior
1 12.2 the tender, pitying Saviour, was God the tender, pitying Savior, was God
2 18.2 The Saviour said, The Savior said,
2 19.2 longing of his soul—a Saviour longing of his soul—a Savior
2 21.2 The Saviour's life and death The Savior’s life and death
3 24.1 the plagues were stayed the plagues were stopped
3 25.3 given gifts unto men given gifts to men
3 26.1 feel the need of a Saviour feel the need of a Savior
3 26.1 between the sinner and the Saviour? between the sinner and the Savior?
3 26.2 Prince and a Saviour Prince and Savior
3 26.4 as the Saviour dying as the Savior dying
3 28.1 our Saviour is constantly at work our Savior is constantly at work
3 28.2 In the Saviour's life In the Savior’s life
3 28.2 our Saviour falls upon us our Savior falls upon us
3 29.2 sent unto him sent to him
3 33.1 creation groaneth creation groans
3 33.1 travaileth together in pain travails together in pain
3 33.3 after doing despite to the Spirit after showing contempt to the Spirit
3 34.1 manifests an infidel hardihood manifests an unbelieving hardihood
4 40.2 his eyes unto heaven his eyes to heaven
5 43.2 can never be wrought in us can never be worked in us
5 44.1 Hence the Saviour says Hence the Savior says
5 44.1 these slavish bands must be broken these slavish bonds must be broken
5 45.1 to do despite to all His love to show contempt for all His love
6 50.1 Yet Jesus bade him Yet Jesus bid him
6 50.1 Lord, if Thou wilt make me whole Lord, if You will make me whole
6 50.1 Thy Your
6 53.2 father Father
7 59.1 from death unto life from death to life
7 59.1 that he had robbed what he had robbed
7 59.3 in our Saviour's life in our Savior’s life
7 62.2 Him as your Saviour Him as your Savior
7 63.1 wrought by His Spirit brought by His Spirit
7 64.1 who also maketh intercession who also makes intercession
7 64.1 He that hath begun He that has begun
7 65.2 loveliness of our Saviour loveliness of our Savior
8 69.1 efforts to live aright efforts to live right
8 70.1 as wholly Thine as wholly Yours
8 70.1 my plans at Thy feet my plans at Your feet
8 70.1 today in Thy service today in Your service
8 70.1 be wrought in Thee be wrought in You
8 72.1 Looking unto Jesus Looking to Jesus
8 73.1 Christ wrought a transformation Christ worked a transformation
8 75.1 gathered about Him gathered around Him
8 75.2 The Saviour has said The Savior has said
9 77.2 Our Saviour's joy Our Savior’s joy
9 77.2 dear unto Himself dear to Himself
9 78.1 The Saviour's life The Savior’s life
9 78.2 found the Saviour found the Savior
9 80.1 as Christ designs as Christ intends
9 81.1 fulfill the Saviour's commission fulfill the Savior’s commission
9 81.1 makes us debtors to all who know Him not makes us debtors to all who do not know Him
9 81.4 part of our Saviour's life part of our Savior’s life
10 85.2 Our Saviour bound up Our Savior bound up
10 85.4 about the scanty board around the scanty board
10 87.1 of hill and vale of hill and valley
10 87.3 the work they wrought the work they did
10 88.3 come unto God come to God
10 89.1 perfections of the Saviour perfections of the Savior
10 90.3 for hid treasure for hidden treasure
10 91.1 the Saviour exclaimed the Savior exclaimed
10 91.2 glorifies the Saviour glorifies the Savior
11 95.2 sought unto to do sought after to do
11 96.2 "Ask, and it shall be given you Ask, and it will be given to you
11 98.2 seeth in secret sees in secret
11 101.1 wherewith to wor with which to work
11 101.2 God designed he should God intended he should
11 103.1 the Lord bade Israe the Lord bid Israel
11 103.3 gather about the cross gather around the cross
12 109.2 And the Saviour's promise And the Savior’s promise
12 111.1 wise unto salvation wise to salvation
12 112.1 a divine Saviour a divine Savior
12 112.2 Saviour Jesus Christ Savior Jesus Christ
13 119.2 Him who liveth Him who lives
13 120.3 Our Saviour was indeed a Man Our Savior was indeed a Man
13 120.4 Our Saviour was deeply serious Our Savior was deeply serious
13 120.4 not to be ministered unto not to be ministered to
13 121.2 Saviour ready to hear Savior ready to hear
13 123.1 The Saviour asks The Savior asks