Light Bearers Convocation 2023

“They did it again! As a designer myself, I am extremely picky and rarely trust anyone with our design projects, but Types & Symbols exceeded our expectations. Their creativity, attention to detail, and ability to bring our vision to life truly sets them apart. Working with them is always a pleasant, seamless and inspiring experience. Thank you, Types & Symbols, for turning our ideas into stunning realities!”

—Yamil Rosario

The Opportunity

Light Bearers asked Types & Symbols to design thematic graphics for their annual convocation—a 5-day Bible study event. The graphics needed to be bold, but flexible enough to work in many formats, across marketing materials and event presentations.

The Team
  • Yamil Rosario

    Executive Director

  • Brandon Schroeder

    Communications Director


The theme of Messiah was chosen to represent the focus of the convocation. We were faced with a challenge: How do we represent the idea that Christ's promises are still relevant in our modern world?

Our answer was to create a series of portals looking from ancient times into present-day landscapes.


These portals could be animated and cropped in different ways to accommodate the many presentation and marketing formats. To hand things off to the Light Bearers team, we also created a toolkit that included type choices, a color palette, and slide deck templates.

Watch It

All 12 sessions of the 2023 Light Bearers Convocation are available to view on their website. Experience the Messiah for yourself!

Many thanks to Light Bearers for the use of their event photography.