inVerse Bible Study Guides

“InVerse would not have had a successful response without the excellence, creativity, and clarity that Types and Symbols has provided. It was a pleasure to interact with Mark, Ivan, Brett, and their team on a social, spiritual, and professional level. Their collaboration with each other and us brought a style that was aesthetic, contemporary, and very appropriate for the main purpose of our product as well as very appealing to our audiences worldwide.”

—Justin Kim

The Opportunity

In the studio’s early days, Justin Kim mentioned an idea he had to restructure and redesign the collegiate Sabbath School quarterly. He thought it could be nice to switch from the current illustrative covers to something more symbolic and minimal. He also thought it would be nice to prompt deeper reflections on passages of the Bible—to encourage people to really dwell in the verses—by dedicating a separate day to different ways of engaging, and giving much more room to reflect than the traditional quarterlies.

It wasn’t a project yet, but we kept in touch, and after a few years and some initial identity work, we had the opportunity to work with him and his team to design and build out a full series of journals.

The Team
  • Justin Kim


  • Sikhu Daco

    Senior Editorial Assistant


We designed icons to accompany each of the days different approaches: inTro, inScribe, inGest, inTerpret, inSpect, inVite, inSight, and inQuire, and we also carried that style of minimal line illustration onto the covers and each weekly study, designing over 20 covers and 263 section openers.

“It’s been quite the privilege to help pull this study system together. We have heard from young adults all over the world that they have been been blessed: this means their prayer life has deepened; they are really enjoying studying, writing, memorizing, and teaching Scripture; and in turn, they are sharing the inVerse Bible study guides with their youth and young adult groups at the local church level. To see and hear that this is happening around the world has been amazing!”

—Justin Kim


For cost reasons, there were two versions that were made: the journal version Justin had imagined, and a basic, non-journal edition, designed by Pacific Press.