“I love the process that Types and Symbols use to take you from We need a logo to We have a brand and it communicates who we are! We were involved every step of the way and are totally satisfied with the end product.”

Chad Bernard

The Opportunity

When Chad Bernard was hired by the Michigan Conference, he was given the simple goal to get youth and young adults more engaged and excited about the church. His approach was to start with service, and he reached out to us at the very beginning to help establish a brand for his new initiative.

The Team
  • Chad Bernard

    Youth Director

  • Craig Harris

    Youth Director

Naming and Identity

We began by proposing naming options, and landed at Fieldwork: a name inspired by the terminology of out-of-classroom requirements, as well as the many field-related parables of Jesus. Building on the name, we designed an icon inspired by a head of grain and an open Bible, with an F set into the negative space.


While the icon stands on its own, it also expands into patterns, which help add texture to the identity system, as well as provide a distinctive way to frame images.

Sample Applications

To provide guidance to Chad and his team and demonstrate how to use the various elements, we designed a set of sample applications.