Experience Foundry

The brand development process with Types and Symbols was nothing short of thoughtful brilliance! The critical thinking related to the problem space we were trying to solve, the patient listening extended to our team as we wrestled with our own ideas and the careful consideration of our target audience produced a truly outstanding, utterly unique brand identity that will stand the test of time.

—Daniel Bruneau

The Opportunity

A few years back, Daniel Bruneau and Jared Thurmon, clients turned collaborators turned good friends, asked us to design the identity for their new studio, Experience Foundry. With imaginative spirits and impressive background in user experience research and innovation, they wanted to focus on the concept of journeys and discovery.

The Team
  • Daniel Bruneau


  • Jared Thurman

    Head of Business Development


We had a lot of fun exploring visual concepts, and were lucky to arrive at one of the most satisfying marks we’ve ever had the chance to design. The final symbol, a signpost, conceals within the positive and negative space the initials of the company name. The basic shapes create a strong mark, but also a simple and satisfying puzzle to discover.


The Power of Experience Design

Read more about Experience Foundry's services and process on their website.