Advent Collegiate

“We approached Types & Symbols before we launched, when all we had was a name and a vision. They surpassed all of my expectations, taking our team on a journey of discovery before delivering a stunning packet of assets. Types & Symbols created an identity that fit our needs at the beginning and has easily scaled with us as we’ve grown.”

—Stephen Erich

The Opportunity

Stephen Erich asked Types & Symbols to design a brand identity for Advent Collegiate, a campus ministry supporting Adventist college students in NYC. As the project developed, a major goal became to smartly capture the peculiar yet familiar nature of the community to be.

The Team
  • Stephen Erich

    Campus Chaplain

  • Alex España



Like most projects, we proposed a few different concepts, some borrowing from the visual language of academia (seals, shields, crests) and others hinting at the concept of community. The team landed on a crisp, modern monogram, supported by a punchy color palette and clean typography.


When Stephen reached out to us about this project, we were excited to learn the project had such a specific audience.

Often many our clients (being Adventist) think their project is for everyone, but through a series of branding exercises we help them narrow that down.

With Advent Collegiate though, they had a clearly defined audience going in: college students in NYC. We were able to arrive at a pretty specific brand approach that included the word “witty” as a key brand word, and focused on some clever copy that we riffed on with the team.



To support the team in building out future materials, we created guidelines and a toolkit—replete with witty descriptions of how to use the design elements—which the team has used to build out their website and social media presence.