“The Types & Symbols team are consummate professionals who not only exhibit exceptional technical skill and artistry in their craft but possess the rare capacity of expressing what we think and feel as a client better than we can articulate ourselves. They were an indispensable partner for AudioVerse in the rebranding and UI/UX redesign process for our online platform.”

—Alistair Huong, Executive Director, AudioVerse

The Opportunity

Since 2005, AudioVerse has housed a growing catalog of curated Adventist audio content. Beginning with sermons, it has grown to include Ellen G. White audiobooks, audio Bibles, and children’s stories across many different languages, totaling over 20,000 pieces of content. In the process of overhauling the technology used to support the platform, AudioVerse reached out to Types & Symbols to reconsider their brand identity and overall digital experience. Over the course of more than a year we worked closely with their team to redesign their visual identity and promotional materials, update the user experience across their apps and website, and redesign the user interface.

The Team
  • Alistair Huong

    Executive Director

  • Nathan Arthur

    Technology Director

  • Matthew Leffler

    Software Engineer

Brand Mark

AudioVerse has a large audience, and is one of the most visible brands within Adventism. Because of this it had established a lot of equity in its existing logo, so when we proposed redesigns we recommended a direction that held closely to the spirit of the original Bible-based logo.

Initial Applications

To coincide with the launch of the redesigned AudioVerse brand mark, we created a range of initial applications.

Digital Experience

Over the life of the most recent website and app designs, the team had documented a number of possible improvements to the user experience, and through an iterative design process and user testing we arrived at a new paradigm for the AudioVerse experience, focusing on a few key aspects: easier discovery, clearer hierarchy, and a powerful bookmarking experience.