The Conflict of the Ages by Ellen Gould White is a five-volume narrative Bible commentary spanning the history of the world from creation to future restoration. Originally written and published around the turn of the 20th century, The Conflict of the Ages reveals Christ’s character of love throughout the biblical story.

Our goal with The Conflict Beautiful was to create a beautifully designed, expertly crafted, NKJV edition of this timeless classic. We wanted to make books that are a joy to read and match the beauty of the words inside.

Customer Reviews

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Jenny Workman (East Wenatchee, US)
Conflict Beautiful

These books are amazing! I also bought a set for my hubby for Christmas and my older sister. If you like taking notes, the margins on this volume are perfect. The soft color in pages cause no glare for longer readings. This the the BEST investment you will make with the money God has blessed you with 😊

Sam Vidacak (Brisbane, AU)

The Conflict Beautiful: Grayscale Covers

Kip Retzer (Bellingham, US)
The Conflict Beautiful

Tastefully designed. As beautiful as the words on the pages. Will be a great set for life. Thank you!

Erik Carlson (Wasilla, US)
Beautiful set

Just received them and we are very satisfied with the quality of this set. Look forward to reading them.

Alexander (Luleå, SE)

Your work has given rise to material worth appreciating! The exterior of the books with its type of book cover as well as their inside with its finer form of paper captures the seriousness the books contains. It gives reputation and authority and thus become something that people attach importance to. Impressions are of great importance as the fact is that people judge books by their covers. The design of the covers, which are modern and stylish, creates the impression that the books are not outdated old works, but are highly relevant today, in modern times. The simplicity says more than cover images, subtitles and back texts says.

All this makes them a valuable gift that testifies to one’s respect for the receiving person and the dignity that one considers her to have and which therefore makes her deserving of something of that kind.

The packaging they were sent in was very good. It protected them from damage and the inner box that was inside the outer carton worked great as a gift box to give the books in. It was good that the inner box had an appurtenant lid which makes it a complete box and therefore protects the books on all sides. Also that they were wrapped in plastic which preserves their freshness and newly manufactered feel was very positive.

Geneva Ingham (Washington, US)
Conflict Beautiful

I am pleased that both sets that I sent were received on time. Both my daughters were pleased with their sets and I pray that they will allow the Holy Spirit to move them in the right direction.